Persepolis is popular

As the year winds up, the animated PERSEPOLIS and creator Marjane Satrapi are getting vast amount of exposure, keeping graphic novels at the forefront of media news yet again. The film itself has a 98% rating at Rotten Tomatoes and has been winning many awards and plaudits in the season of honoraria including a Golden […]

Hulk photos

Very little visual aid has been released on the upcoming HULK movie, starring Edward Norton. In the film, the Hulk gains the powers to make everyone forget that Ang Lee ever made a Hulk movie. However, MTV has a few — two to be exact — stills. A piece of art — below — has […]

POS thoughts

Over at Newsarama, Vaneta Rogers talks to retailers about POS systems: “Making the transition from cigar box to cash register was not only expensive, but actually took longer to ring up customers. Yet, it was essential,” said John Robinson, co-owner of Graham Crackers Comics Ltd. in Naperville, Ill. “It’s ridiculous and laughable when you come […]

Jeannie Schulz comments

A very important link that has been floating around over the last 10 days or so. Jeannie Schulz finally speaks out on the David Michaelis bio of her husband, Charles, and explains what he got wrong: I was married to Charles Schulz for 26 years, and in all that time together, plus in 45 years […]

Sean T. Collins: right to the point

Quote: Comicdom’s continuing enabling of Dave Sim astounds me, not necessarily because his beliefs are crazy and evil but because those crazy and evil beliefs so directly inform all his work. Actually, it’s more than that: His work is about his crazy and evil beliefs. I’m not sure why otherwise bright people would “look forward” […]

RIP Paul “Zeus” Grant

Word is going around that long time comics fan Paul “Zeus” Grant passed away last month. Grant was a popular and big-hearted poster on the early days of Compuserve’s Comics and Animation forum, and I’d run into him at conventions, usually with his son Phillip at his side, and we’d always share a laugh or […]

Quick links

§ See The Beat spout off about 2007 at the Daily Cross Hatch! There were more mountain peaks, but 2007 had a higher over all batting average, to wildly mix metaphors. There were more solid base hits up the middle in 2007. § Clifford Meth has a blog in which he talks about bullying, his […]