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Wizard changes

Wizard VP and Associate Publisher Rob Felton was found to be surplus to requirements yesterday. In addition, “Toy industry guru” and publisher Jim Silver very quietly gave notice over the last few weeks.

This is the latest (and highest) in a string of goings (no comings) at Wizard over the last few months. And oddly, people just couldn’t wait to tell us about it. (Can this same crowd please update us regularly on the comings and goings elsewhere in the biz?) Why all the glee? Well, perhaps it is because Wizard has a lot of disgruntled ex-employees now…or perhaps because their business model is so rooted in the past, and everyone has been telling them that for 7 or 8 years or so.

Speculation on the exits of Felton and Silver involved high paychecks and cost cutting.

WHITEOUT stills released

Kate Beckinsale Whiteout Photo 2
The first stills from WHITEOUT starring Kate Beckinsale in the film adaptation of the Greg Rucka/Steve Lieber graphic novel have been released.
Kate Beckinsale Whiteout Photo 1
The film is slated for a June 2008 release.

Burma bans cartooners

We don’t always write about the world-wide war on cartooners because we get too depressed, but this story on the media crackdown in Burma caught our eye:

The Burmese regime has banned the work of 19 artists and writers, and some writers and poets are hiding from authorities because they are being pursued for taking part in the September 2007 uprising.

Among those whose works have been banned is the renowned cartoonist Awpikye, whose three-decade-long career was brought to a halt by the ban. He was accused of supporting monks in the September 2007 uprising.

“I cannot draw cartoons now; I am upset about it. My fans cannot see my cartoons anymore,” he said. “I knew about it after the advertisement industry told me about the ban. They told to me that my work had been banned from being published and telecast. Moreover, even my colleagues cannot mention my name in their work. Their work will be censored, too, if they mention my name,” he added.

Sadly we couldn’t find any examples of Awpikye’s work online. Perhaps the job has already been done too well.

Flash revealed

Jim Shelley has a somewhat technical yet comprehensible explanation of why Flash doesn’t always look so great and tends to “muck with your fonts.” Complete with screen grabs.

“But Jim, why would I ever reduce an image down by 15% or something like that?”

Well, you wouldn’t, but if you launch the Zuda image viewer on your pc/mac it’s going to set the image to a size that Flash thinks is appropriate for your monitor, which is why some comics look okay when the viewer is full size and some don’t. Flash does this by PROGRAMMATICALLY grabbing the size of your monitor and adjusting the viewer accordingly to completely usurp your screen area. – And since the people building the Zuda viewer don’t really have access to every type of monitor available, you’re gonna get some mixed results.