DC Month-to-Month Sales September 2007

by Marc-Oliver Frisch As Paul O’Brien points out in the Marvel column, the margin between Marvel and DC Comics’ market shares in September is smaller than it’s been in months. The reason for that has more to do with Marvel’s performance losing steam than with DC gaining momentum, however. In fact, DC’s total and average […]

Webcomics updates: Love, Jensen, Lee, Crabapple, etc.

Several new webcomics announcements that we need to catch up on: Jeremy Love’s BAYOU is the first Zuda instant winner, it’s been announced.. The strip has already been awarded a 1-year contract, and was a solicited submission. Bayou Writer/Artist: Jeremy Love Summary: South of the Mason-Dixon lurks a strange world of gods and monsters born […]


Check out this animated trailer for THE NIGHTMAE FACTORY MySpace continues it’s prominent comics promotions with this animated trailer for THE NIGHTMARE FACTORY graphic novel. The trailer is based on “Dr Locrian’s Asylum” by Joe Harris and Ted McKeever. It’s pretty astonishing what these kids can do with their computers these days!

Jaime Hernandez/Bob Dylan crossover?

If the idea of Bob Dylan, Mr. Mumbles himself, having a radio show sounds like some kind of comedy sketch, you’d be wrong. He has a show on XM Satellite radio called THEME TIME RADIO HOUR, on which he simply spins his favorite records, and the show is highly spoken of. Now, one of the […]

Think Future: Graphic Novels panel

Hype alert! PW has a series of breakfast discussions under the banner “Think Future” that look at publishing trends and developments with movers and shakers. The next one covers graphic novels and it features John Cunningham (DC), Dan Frank Pantheon), Rich Johnson (Yen Press), Joe Quesada (Marvel) and Bill Schanes (Diamond). I’ll be co-moderating with […]

Rare Bill Watterson Art

Before he drew CALVIN & HOBBES, the comic strip that made talking to your tiger all the rage, and before he become a reclusive painter, Bill Watterson drew a college comic strip for Kenyon College. Now these rareky-seen strips have been put on the internet for all to share: While a student at Ohio’s Kenyon […]

Mary Blair!

You lucky Left Coasters! San Francisco’s Museum of Cartoon Art is presenting an exhibit of artwork by Mary Blair, the designer and illustrator whose work for Disney and Little Golden Books has influenced generations of artists. The pr is below, but you can also see a preview at Andrew Farrago’s blog. The Art and Flair […]

Primal Battle: Centaur vs Minotaur

UGO asks Neil Gaiman, Ozzy Osbourne, Clive Barker, Brian Posehn, Tiger Woods and many others what may be the burning question of our times: Who would in in a fight: a minotaur armed with a trident or a centaur armed with a crossbow?. We’re betting on the centaur because they have TWO eyes.

Scream Award winners

In case you were wondering who WON the Scream Awards for Horror, SF, Fantasy and Comics, we have the whole list below. We will note that the award for BEST SCREEN-TO-COMIC was won by 28 DAYS LATER: THE AFTERMATH, published by Fox Atomic. Go team Fox Atomic! Other comic book category winners included Frank Miller, […]

Can anyone here speak English?

Via Anne Thompson, a link to Variety’s Slanguage Dictionary which this cranky Brit nixes. We were first amused then horrified to see how much of this made up bibble babble we use all the time — “Mark Millar will helm this ep of the Peacock Network skein.” Maybe it’s time to start reading a better […]