To Do, Sept. 6: Seriously: A Graphic Novel Symposium

If you happen to be up really early and going to the Harborfields public library, you can attend this great event with Mark Siegel, Raina Telgemeier, Jommy Gownlet, John Gallagher, and a ton of librarians. Seriously: A Graphic Novel Symposium Thursday September 6 Harborfields Public Library Click above link for info.

Uh-oh: Pact with the devil!!!!!!

Macworld: News: Apple Event – Live Coverage UPDATE: Early adapters suffer flames of purgatory: This *** big time :( I had to quit partying for a month to scrape up money for the iPhone. I feel terrible! $200 is quite a lot of money, especially for a student. They even deleted my thread :( Very […]

DC Comics in distro pact with Random House

MEANWHILE, ever since Time Warner sold off its book biz to Hachette, people have been wondering who would be distributing DC’s book line. Well wonder no more, the winner is book giant Random House: Paul Levitz, president and publisher of DC Comics, said the decision to change its distribution after so many years with Warner […]

Graphic novel sales figures in focus — UPDATED

For those of you who haven’t been glued to the computer, there has been a bit of a comment war raging here on the Beat in the wake of Eric Reynolds’ report of a less-than-up to date comics shop. A frequent argument posited by those outraged is that folks like Reynolds are being completely irrational […]

Webcomics show at MoCCA

This is actually a pretty significant show, with Penny Arcade, PhD, Sluggy Freelance, User Friendly, Diesel Sweeties, Mom’s Cancer, Act-i-vate, Finder, Supernatural Law, Questionable Content, Something Positive, Scary Go Round, Achewood, Narbonic, Goats, and Scott McCloud all represented. The opening is September 14th. The Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art (MoCCA) is proud to announce […]

They’re just not that into you

Via Brigid comes the tale of Takeshi Miyazawa, an American manga-style artist who moved to Japan to follow his dream after being published in the US by Marvel. He had his big day showing his portfolio at Kodansha, the DC/Random House of Japan and the results were…sobering: The editor flipped through my print-outs while I […]

Brits catch on to the graphic novel thing finally

Or so says the New York Times. Of course, when you have people like Raymond Briggs and Posy Simmonds leading the pack, it’s about time: First came the surprise successes of “Ethel and Ernest,” Mr. Briggs’s 1998 word-and-image biography of his parents, which sold more than 200,000 copies, and “Jimmy Corrigan: The Smartest Kid on […]

Comics in the news!

§ CBR wraps up the McCloud 50 State Tour in an excellent piece: The family then singled out a few places on their trip where they had particularly good experiences. “I really loved Alaska,” Scott McCloud said. Portland, Toronto and London numbered high on his list as well. “Also, let’s not leave out Savannah. Savannah […]

Howl festival this week in NYC

Those New Yorker ‘tooner types not setting off to the Baltimore Comicon, this weekend shoulod check out the Howl festival taking place September 5-9. The Carl Solomon Book Expo featuring comics, GNs, lit and poetry including such familiar comics consortiums as House of 12, Word War 3, Act-i-vate and many more takes place this weekand […]

3 Image Books that look rather cool

Newsarama previews three September books we like the looks of: REPO #4, MADAMAN ATOMIC #4, GUTSVILLE #2: Speaking of GUTSVILLE, writer Simon Spurrier writer to tell us that he’s joined the “Brit comics guy who has a novel out” club with Contract which is out next month. Contract is an urban-occult-crime-thriller with a vein of […]