To Do tonight 8/29: Comic Foundry release party

If it’s New York, there must be drinking, as Comic Foundry celebrates its first issue with A LAUNCH PARTY: The first time is always special. Thus, we’re having a party to celebrate Comic Foundry’s August 22nd debut. WHERE?The Irish Rogue356 W 44th St. WHEN?Wednesday, August 29th6 PM – whenever BONUS: We’ll be giving out a […]

McClouds return to base

While we were out of town, the McCloud clan returned from a year-long tour that saw them traveling this great nation of ours and visiting all 50 states: Yes, we actually did it! Even though we still have one more event — the wrap party at Golden Apple in LA listed below — we’ve now […]

Peter Bagge’s whereabouts

Peter Bagge writes to reveal a series of public appearances for the rootin’ tootin’ tooner: Big Doin’s for me starting next week! First up is: DRAGON CON in Atlanta, GA, Aug 31st- Sept. 3rd. It’s hosted by 3 hotels: The Atlanta Hilton, Hyatt Regency, Marriott Marquis all in the heart of downtown, and all right […]

Valiant Harbinger reprint runs into trouble

Here’s one of the subjects we really need to read up on: the legal tangle surrounding the return of Valiant comics. It seems the tangle has already caused one problem: Diamond will not be distributing the HARBINGER reprint due to legal concerns: In the latest development in what has seemingly become a quagmire of intellectual […]

SPX adds Smith, Deitch, Wagner

Joining already announced guests Gilbert Hernandez, Rutu Modan and Bill Griffith, this year’s SPX has added three more intelligent and exciting guests: Matt Wagner, Jeff Smith and Kim Deitch. This is one of the best balanced guest lists we’ve seen at a small press show, and we’re definitely looking forward to hitting Bethesda October 12-13. […]

HYPE: Nightmare Factory preview at IGN

But while we’re at it, IGN has an exclusive preview of THE NIGHTMARE FACTORY, a collection of horror stories by Thomas Ligotti adapted by some of comics finest. As the editor of this book, I’m as proud as a peacock of it, and once you certify that you are old enough to look, I think […]

Doggin’ it

We’re back at Stately Beat Manor, but everyone is taking it slow for the last week of summer, and so will we. In the mean time we’re catching up on our reading, taking the pulse of the people, and gearing up for exciting announcements, or at least droll japery.

Jack Kirby Day

It is the 90th anniversary of Jack Kirby’s birth. Mark Evanier remembers Jack Kirby would have been 90 years old today. I know I write too much about Jack but that’s because people are always asking me about him. And as more time passes on this planet without him, more people ask. I don’t know […]

Marvel Month-to-Month sales: July 2007

by Paul O’Brien The era of big events continues apace, as Marvel’s WORLD WAR HULK squares off against DC’s COUNTDOWN. And while WWH isn’t a sales juggernaut on quite the same scale as CIVIL WAR, it’s comfortably enough for Marvel to once again flatten DC in the North American direct market. The gap is narrower […]