Harvey Pekar meets Anthony Bourdain

Harvey Pekar’s appearance on No Reservations aired last night but we’re sure you can catch it in reruns.

John Green on DA cancellation

John Green, Disney Adventures freelancer recounts the end of the magazine — and by the way folks, he’s now looking for work and anyone who doesn’t hire him is stupid. I can’t say it’s completely unexpected. When I started at the magazine almost ten years ago, I recall a big meeting about the fate of […]

Not really back

We’re back online but still off the grid. Full service resumes tomorrow.

Viral sites come to comics

All us nerds know plenty of these viral websites tied into things like the new Batman movie or LOST. Now, there’s actually one tied into a good old-fashioned comic. Last week, news about a website tied into the most recent issue of CHECKMATE began circulating on various comic book forums. In the story, the new […]

Beat delayed

The Beat has been unavoidably detained in a remote location, and will return later in the day.

RIP Disney Adventures

Ad Age reports that after 17 years, Disney has cancelled Disney Adventures magazine, with the November issue the last one. Disney Publishing attributed its decision to an effort to better focus resources and maximize long-term growth potential through new magazine and book initiatives. The demise of Disney Adventures, which was introduced for tweens in 1990, […]

Project Rooftop hosts Wieringo tribute week

PR: In memory of Mike Wieringo, who passed away Aug. 12, Project: Rooftop has announced an open call for redesigns of Bart Allen (Impulse/Kid Flash/The Flash), the character created in 1994 by Wieringo and Mark Waid. Submissions will be accepted through Sunday, with the best entries showcased during a special “Wieringo Week,” which also will […]

Canadian comics shocker: Boyd to Hobbystar

Sequential weighs in with a very lengthy interview with Kevin Boyd, whose move from the Paradise comicon to the Toronto FanExpo has written a new chapter in the long running – but now relatively dormant- fued between the two shows: In the relatively small world of Toronto comics fandom it is a story of almost […]

MTV news: Auf Der Mar, Vaughan

§ Former Hole and Smashing Pumpkins bassist Melissa Auf Der Mar has become the latest celeb to add a comic book to their multi media presentation, which also includes a “Viking-themed film.” The ambitious bass player has decided to release all her current projects at once, proving she’s the ultimate ‘triple threat’.Fans who buy her […]

Coloring comics the Steve Hamaker Way

Super colorist Steve Hamaker posts the first in a series of video tutorials on his coloring techniques.

Fantagraphics old TCJ sale

Via FLOG, a warehouse find: We recently did an audit of our Comics Journal back issue inventory to compare what’s listed in the online store vs. what we have in our warehouse, and discovered that there were a bunch of issues that were in stock but not listed. So, after a long absence, the following […]

Griep wins Heavyweight crown

When he isn’t writing comics or radio plays, Terrance Griep Jr. is also known as midwest wrestling villain Spiderbaby, surely one of the more unusual side jobs among comics. Griep writes to let us know that this weekend he had a lot of activities: 1. Finished a manuscript. 2. Finished an article. 3. Became the […]

Life without Fair Courts contest winners

The “Life Without Fair Courts ” cartoon contest was launched this spring together with Prism Comics and Diamond Comic Distributors, along with The Advocate as exclusive media sponsor. There were over 25 entries from all over the country, including two international entries from Poland. The finalists were chosen by a panel of judges including artist […]


We’re a sucker for a good email title: Critically acclaimed comics creator Mark Haven Britt will be appearing at Comic Relief in Berkeley, CA on Saturday, August 25th, 2007 from 5 to 7 P.M.. The Xeric Award-winner will be promoting the release of his new Image Comics original graphic novel, FULL COLOR. Publishers Weekly says […]

James Jean covers The Beguiling

This stunning poster celebrating the 20th Anniversary of The Beguiling, Toronto’s famed comics shop, can be purchased here!

Hernandez Brothers Week

Blake Bell is celebrating Hernandez Brothers week, and of course you don’t have to ask us twice to join in the fun. Bell is posting mp3’s of a 1989 interview of Gilbert Hernandez by Gary Groth and throwws in a few observations: Interesting that, in part one, Gilbert name checks Jack Kirby and Steve Ditko […]