As we head into the long weekend

…what better to kick it off than the Butt-biting Bug song that has transfixed the internets?

Goodbye, Engine

The Engine, Warren Ellis’s two year old forum for comics creators and aspiring comics creators, closes up shop today. So far, the replacement message board of choice seems to be Rantz Hoseley’s Panel and Pixel. Frankly we haven’t had time to spend on any message board of late, but P&P seems to be bustling along […]


Upon discovering that Edward Gorey was a Star Trek fanatic, Shaenon Garrity imagines what might have been. Aside: You realize this is just a blog post, right and not in some satirical magazine where it once might have been?

DC Month to Month Sales: July 2007

by Marc-Oliver Frisch DC Comics’ performance in July was an improvement on the previous month, not unexpectedly. The publisher’s numbers were bolstered by issues of three high-selling titles, Batman, All Star Superman and Action Comics, which were late from June. Then there was the release of All Flash #1, the continuation of DC’s latest Flash […]

What is everyone doing?

§ Jim Woodring is drawing bears § Len Wein is remembering old Bullpen stories: Anyway, on this particular day, I had just returned from my annual pilgrimage to the West Coast to attend the now-omnipresent San Diego Comic-Con and spend some vacation time visiting with friends. During the course of my trip, I’d paid a […]

WEHT Alex DeCampi?

Controversial comics writer Alex DeCampi has been having quite a bit of success in the video field of late. Her video for “Those Rules” by The Schema a became the #1 music video on YouTube. This week we’re ahead of the new videos by Enrique Iglesias (Universal), the new band Domino is pushing hard (Animal […]


Is there ANYONE alive who does not want to see these two get together? Vote Dame Darcy for Flavor of Love! It is the law.

Conquest of Summer Fun

On a serious note, why if Tubby wearing a diaper on that cover?