Flava Darcy
Is there ANYONE alive who does not want to see these two get together? Vote Dame Darcy for Flavor of Love! It is the law.


  1. Ohhh, Dame Darcy….

    Dear Red Stapler,

    Dame Darcy and Dame Edna are not the same.


    Red Stapler

    (This is what happens when I read Comics Reporter when REALLY tired…)

  2. That should be great. Dame Darcy does wonderful work, and is living the performance art lifestyle. Did anyone see her on blind date? I heard she frightened the crap out of the guy they paired her with. She’s like an art bomb in the middle of vacuous society.

  3. I had the good fortune to see Dame Darcy perform at MoCCA 2006. Tambourine in hand, in front of of screen playing some of her short silent films, sang a bunch of sea shanties. That was a rare treat.

    I think Dame Darcy + Flavor Flave + Sea Shanties = me having fun watching the show.

  4. Well, he IS dressed like a Viking.

    I am trying to imagine what the children would look and be like. Once that concept crystalizes Cthulhu will awaken.

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