2007 Emmy Nominations

If you haven’t already entered your Harry Potter spoiler-free bunker, you may have seen that the 2007 Emmy nominations were announced early this morning. The nerd community, led by the Cheerleader-saving drama HEROES, is well represented. Let’s take a look at the shows you loyal BEAT readers probably have on your DVRs. * HEROES has […]

Marvel Month-to-Month sales: June 2007

By Paul O’Brien After a comparatively quiet May, Marvel went all out in June. The major event of the month, WORLD WAR HULK, involved three miniseries and a slew of crossover titles. It would have been a pretty big deal on its own. But June also saw the much-hyped NEW AVENGERS #31, the start of […]

ComicsPro position paper #1: Variant covers

PR from the new reaielrs organization akes on the scourge of VARIANT COVERS: ComicsPRO, the direct market’s retailer trade and advocacy group, has released its first official position paper, detailing the group’s desire for positive changes with the solicitation and use of variant covers on comic books. The opinion paper, which was vetted by ComicsPRO’s […]

Words to live by

“Editors at conventions are usually tired and/or drunk.” —Ricardo González Llarena in a thread on how to pitch to editors at cons. (The short answer: don’t.)

How big is your mobile?

At a recent tech conference, mobile content delivery platforms were debated: At the YPulse Mashup conference in San Francisco this week, a lunchtime discussion about mobile marketing among representatives from Microsoft, Disney, Viz Media and teen cause group YouthNoise provided an inside glance on the mobile of today (think early AOL) and the mobile of […]


Dash Shaw reports that his next graphic novel will be out early next year from Fantagraphics: The Bottomless Belly Button / 720 pages / Fantagraphics Books / Spring 2008 Synopsis: A comedy/mystery about the fictional Loony family. Visit the links below for more story information. I started this book when I graduated The School of […]

Douglas’s busy day

The new All-Star Savage Critic is getting good as Douglas Wolk has a midtown adventure! As I was waiting in line to buy my comics this week at Midtown Comics in Manhattan, the power went out for a moment, and a bunch of other customers pointed out the huge plume of smoke rising up from […]

Jason & The Argonauts comic

We haven’t really written much about Bluewater’s Ray Harryhausen inspired line of comics. We say that as someone whose favorite movies as a kid were Harryhausen’s efforts. But our most favoritest favorite of all was JASON AND THE ARGONAUTS because it was and is the best movie EVER MADE, and we stand by this assertion. […]

Where Japan draws the line

Speaking of Japan, after some of the content controversies mentioned here, it would seem like the land of anything goes. but is that really true? ComiPress recently ran A History of Shojo, Loli, and Harmful Books with some history of the “Harmful Books Act”. The author later states that he is not 100% sure of […]