San Diego tip

Today is the deadline for San Diego hotel deposits…check the website in case anything has opened up. Good luck! BTW, the 1000+ room Hilton should be open in time for next year’s show, so things will be a teeny bit easier.

Even more on Zuda!

Like the announcement of Minx, the announcement of Zudacomics has proven that everyone on the internet has an opinion — didn’t see that one coming. We’ll be getting to the Talk Soup portion of our program in a minute, but first: we got a lot of private communiques on the subject of Zuda, some of […]

Levitz on Zuda

With the flood of interviews with Ron Perazza and Richard Bruning yesterday inaugurating the announcement of DC’s Zudacomics site, only one thing was missing — an interview with DC prexy Paul Levitz, and Newsarama comes through with an interview that should satisfy veteran Kremlinologists Levitz-watchers, as he warily embraces the new tehcnology. PL: Should we […]

To do tonight: The Beat at the Comic Book Club

We’re the guest at tonight’s Comic Book Club, a live weekly comics talk show — every one else has done it, so it is definitely our turn. Please come on down, the show starts at 8! COMIC BOOK CLUB A Live Weekly Talk Show about Comic Books Hosted by Justin Tyler, Pete LePage, and Alex […]

France invaded by “mangas” fans

Some 80,000 French Japanophiles attended a recent Asian pop culture expo it’s being reported. The annual expo – which drew only 3,000 visitors when it launched in 1999 – was a runaway success, organiser Pierre-Yves Devroute says. “It was a phenomenal success which surpassed all our aims,” he said, adding that between 75,000 and 80,000 […]

Behind the scenes at DC?

Blair Marnell, former columnist for All The Rage, has a new blog in development entitled “New Rage Order” and he endeavors to explain some of the current events in comics with a post called The Truth Behind DC’s Recent Performance Woes: (Okay in case you don’t get the joke, over at Marvel it’s recently been […]

Introducting: The Veidt Method

More than just a bodybuilding course, the Veidt Method is designed to produce bright and cabable young men and women who will be fit to inherit the challenged, promising, and often difficult world that awaits in our future. The course is designed to be easy to read and to understand, and if you follow it […]

The Beat Guide to San Diego

Well we had a chance to go through all fours days of the San Diego programming. Sure there are plenty of comics folks, company panels, and movie stars — Kate Beckinsale, Robert Downey Jr., Edward Norton — but there are even more TV stars than ever! If there is a cult TV show, chances are […]