To Do: San Diego — Meet Laurell K. Hamilton

The CBLDF will be sponsoring a small meet n greet with best selling book and comics author Laurell K. Hamilton: Meet Laurell K. Hamilton, the #1 New York Times bestselling author, at an intimate reception during Comic-Con International benefitting the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund! Ms. Hamilton will be appearing a gala benefit reception limited […]

RIP James Redington

Tony Lee posts the sad news at the Engine that Brit comics writer James Reddington died suddenly of a heart attack last weekend: I just got told by Cher, who heard from his best friend. James Redington, writer of SBC’s The Panel, also of Portent Comics, the writer and creator of Rob & Ducky and […]

Early ZUDA reactions

What a joy it was to wake up this morning, as the internet rose like a nice loaf of yeasty bread, swelling with reactions to DC’s ZUDACOMICS initiative. Dirk’s “Zunecomics” title was the shortest but funniest commentary. The reactions are all over the board, but thus far a deep deep suspicion over what rights DC […]

DC announces ZUDA webcomics site

Well, here’s a small story that may have somehow slipped by everyone today. DC is launching a reader-created webcomics site called, and is partnering with IBM to build the site. The New York Times kicks off the coverage: The imprint, called, will permit aspiring cartoonists to register at its Web site and submit […]

Official Zuda PR

Via Already established as the largest English-language publisher of comics in the world, DC Comics announced today the creation of, a new web comics imprint. The home to such iconic characters as Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and the Sandman, DC Comics will soon publish new, never before seen online content featuring new characters […]

More on Mort Walker’s cartoon museum

Recently, we reported on a conversation we had with Mort Walker, regarding the difficulties he’s had over the years with his attempts to keep his Cartoon Museum open, and his statement that the art from the collection was in storage in Connecticut. Over at the boards, Rick Veitch reports that some of the art […]

More on manga’s girl appeal

Last week’s revelation that grown men didn’t read manga continues to reverberate. One commenter at Comics Worth Reading sees the light: I guess I know how you feel now. During the whole Mary Jane / Heros for Hire debate, I thought to myself: get a sense of humor, ladies. Well, no more of that. Sorry, […]


Have there ever been more thrilling words uttered in English? YAOI JAMBOREE! It’s not a joke! Yaoi Press, the leading publisher of manga influenced yaoi graphic novels, announces Yaoi Jamboree, a new fan convention to run June 20-22nd in Phoenix Arizona. “We were eager to see more bl themed conventions start up,” says Yaoi Press […]

Linkie Winkies

§ Nick Bertozzi interview (Wizard) § Valerie D’Orazio on politics and DC comics § Warren Ellis undecided on stupidity of eyeball stabbing. § Presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich pleads with editorial cartoonists In return, he added, “you can start to draw cartoons about me. I know you’re required to draw a certain number of cartoons about […]