Moore to Virgin

Expert editor Stuart Moore is back in the chair at Virgin: Virgin Comics and the SCI FI Channel announced today that Stuart Moore has been appointed Editor on the first titles from the new imprint. The new ‘SCI FI / Virgin Comics’ venture was announced earlier this year, with a stated goal of utilizing the […]

Marvel Month-to-Month Sales May 2007

by Paul O’Brien Have you been suffering from withdrawal symptoms ever since CIVIL WAR ended? Well, good news, because WORLD WAR HULK kicked off in May, leading into another few months of crossovers. On top of that, the Spider-Man books are still running “Back in Black” stories, while the “Initiative” banners continue to sprawl across […]

When indies go super

Giant Robot NY has a swell online gallery of images from their recent Free Ice Cream show, including R. Kikuo Johnson, Alison Cole, Anders Nilsen and Jeffrey Brown. But sharp-eyed John Jakala notices that Johnson has posted pages from his “Marvel Indie Anthology” story starring the Thing, The Puppet Master and Alicia Masters (above.) No […]

Land of a thousand links

A lot of stuff to catch up on. So just the quick hits: § John Jakala looks at manga that don’t hold up over multiple volumes: Death Note – Man, I loved the early volumes of this series, with the mental mind games between the main characters. They were pure crack in comic book form. […]

McPherson does Hellboy

Artist Tara McPherson has designed a limited edition Hellboy for Dark Horse : We began our Qee line with the classic 2.5 inch Hellboy Qee. Next up, the much-coveted large size 8″ Qee. Hellboy and Qee fans can rejoice and unite in toy heaven! We asked Mike Mignola to pick an artist to design an […]

PERSEPOLIS film removed in Thailand

Thai officials have cancelled a screening of Marjane Satrapi’s Persepolis after complaints from the Iranian Embassy: The Bangkok International Film Festival has dropped the Cannes prize-winning animated movie “Persepolis” which had been skedded as new-look Thai fest’s opening movie. Tuesday move followed a request from the Iranian Embassy in Bangkok. “We have had a request […]

PWCW notes

Hey kids, a little cross over special. Due to a technical glitch this week’s issue of PW Comics Week had to go out this morning. You will not want to miss it, however, as it contains: * Douglas Wolk’s MoCCA report * An interview with Rick Spears and Rob G talking about Repo and the […]

MoCCA wrap up

About 7600 blog posts, Flickr streams and actual news stories later, it’s kind of obvious that MoCCA 2007 was the Italian Renaissance of Indie comics or something. A Golden Era. Camelot. You name it. Memories are suffused in a silvery haze of comics, waffles and scones. It was pretty wonderful, anchored by the Top Shelf […]