The CBLDF needs your help!

People, this is about all of us. And the fight is costly. The Comic Book Legal Defense Fund urgently needs your help. This August, the long-running case of Georgia v. Gordon Lee will finally go to trial, with court costs expected to hit $20,000. For nearly three years the Fund has defended Georgia retailer Gordon […]

Gabbing with Mort Walker

Okay so we were at the Licensing show for the last few days and took a lot of pictures, which we should post but this MoCCA stuff has us pooped. No big big big news that hasn’t been released in a PR. But one person we saw that we didn’t expect to see was cartoonist […]

MoCCA Signing Schedule

We’ve cobbled together a few press releases for more info on signings and so on for MoCCA. Can you tell we are looking forward to this show? The Sixth MoCCA Art Festival is almost here, and the Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art is proud to announce its schedule of artists who have agreed to […]


Those sneaky Canadians are getting in on the webcomics collective action! But look who’s involved in TRANSMISSION-X, a new joint which will debut this weekend: Toronto-based webcomics collective Transmission-X begins its programming schedule at the MoCCA festival in New York, June 23-24! Featuring exclusive all-new comic strips and a daily update schedule, Transmission-X is an […]

MoCCA: Raina Telgemeier’s Little Paintings

Posted at her LJ: I’ve been working on some little paintings. I’ll post one a day until MoCCA. Ink and watercolor on Bristol board. Actual size. I’ll have these with me at conventions this summer. I guess if anyone wants to commission me for something specific, they should email me.

MoCCA: Fantagraphics

This is gonna be good! The 2007 MoCCA Arts Festival kicks of this Friday night (June 22nd) with a Paul Hornschemeier Art Show Opening and official MoCCA Kickoff Party at Rocketship in Brooklyn. Then, the Festival opens Saturday morning at 11AM and we have a full slate of author signings all weekend. We have more […]

MoCCA: Tania del Rio

Tania Del Rio will be debuting a very cool looking project at MoCCA. Click above image for a bigger look. T.D.R and Wilhelm Staehle of SteelRiver Studio are proud to present the Dollar Dreadful Family Library which debuts at the jolly old MoCCA Art Fest, June 23 & 24! DDFL is a collection of exciting, […]

Cartoonists on Tour! Argentina and Alaska

James Jean posts some sketches from a trip to Argentina. Dang. Go to link for larger images. Remember the McCloud family tour? We thought that was going to provide a lot more fodder than it did, but a lot of it turned out to be problems with computers and laundry and the other mundane things […]

Repo Man comic book sequel

“Page out of a comic book A chicken hanging on a hook …I’ll tell you who I am, I’m the repo man” ICv2 reports that reports that ultra cult film REPO MAN will finally see its sequel developed as a graphic novel from Australian house Gestalt. Gestalt Publishing has announced that director Alex Cox, who […]


Damn if that name hadn’t already been taken for a blog we would so steal it! Anyhoo, our ongoing study of the state of Thunderbirds fandom was picked up by a site which asked When is a fandom dead? and the comments waxed philosophical. I would personally define a fandom as being “dead” when one […]

Cowboys and Aliens moves along in Hollywood

Man, timing is everything! Only yesterday we were talking about Platinum Studios, and now Variety has news of COWBOYS AND ALIENS moving along the A-list production pipeline, with Dreamworks and UNiversal teaming. Brian Grazer and Ron Howard are producing, along with Scott Mitchell Rosenberg, Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci. The graphic novel mixes Western and […]

Stan Lee gets his own action figure

We’ve been doing this google keyword searching thing for like five years now, and there’s one thing we’ve learned: Stan Lee could open a can and the media would be all over it. That dude will never stop making news! Now he’s getting his own action figure: The company will pay plastic tribute to the […]

Watchman casting round up

Gerard Butler…Clive Owen….Gerard Butler…Clive Owen….OH! Where were we? OH YEAH Watchmen casting news! Earlier this week AICN’s Moriarty rounded up all this is known so far. Apparently Keanu turned down Dr. Manhattan, and Jason Patric is the new pick…Okay that works. Patrick Wilson as Nite Owl and Jude Law as Ozymandias are still on. For […]

NEWS FLASH: Miller NOT Directing Chandler

Just a little “gotcha”….despite many many websites picking up yesterday’s Variety story about Frank Miller writing a script for Clive Owen, the story did NOT say that Miller was going to direct the film as many many websites — and even the Guardian!!!– stated! The story was a bit vague — the actual term was […]