This is gonna be good!

The 2007 MoCCA Arts Festival kicks of this Friday night (June 22nd) with a Paul Hornschemeier Art Show Opening and official MoCCA Kickoff Party at Rocketship in Brooklyn. Then, the Festival opens Saturday morning at 11AM and we have a full slate of author signings all weekend. We have more space than ever at MoCCA this year to make room for all of our latest releases. Stop by and say hi to Comicdom’s beloved Gary Groth as well as our esteemed web guru Mike Baehr (working his first comic convention, so be sure to ask him as many arcane back issue questions as possible). And don’t forget to get your books signed! We’ll have a bunch of great new stuff like our Fletcher Hanks collection, I SHALL DESTROY ALL THE CIVILIZED PLANETS, the latest MOME, Drew Friedman’s THE FUN NEVER STOPS!, Hornschemeier’s aforementioned THREE PARODOXES, Zak Sally’s SAMMY THE MOUSE, Edward Sorel’s JUST WHEN YOU THOUGHT THINGS COULDN’T GET WORSE, and much more.

Here’s our signing schedule:


11:00 Paul Karasik & Glenn Head
12:00 Tom Kaczynski & Kurt Wolfgang & Jonathan Bennett
1:00 Drew Friedman & David Heatley
2:00 Zak Sally & Michael Kupperman
3:00 Miss Lasko-Gross & Paul Hornschemeier
4:00 Ben Catmull & David Sandlin
5:00 R. Kikuo Johnson & John Cuneo


11:00 Jonathan Bennett & Tom Kaczynski
12:00 Paul Hornschemeier & Miss Lasko-Gross
1:00 Paul Hornschemeier & John Cuneo
2:00 Paul Karasik & Zak Sally
3:00 Kim Deitch & Michael Kupperman
4:00 Ben Catmull & Kurt Wolfgang
5:00 Glenn Head