We alerted you to the forthcoming THE GIRLS’ GUIDE TO GUYS’ STUFF anthology a few posts ago. Edited by MK Reed and Robin Enrico, it’s the latest 99% female comics anthology from Friends of Lulu. The subject matter, when it was announced, engendered quite a bit of controversy, even here in the comments section. Well, […]

Shooter and Valiant are…back?

We ran across this press release over on CBR which indicates that there is a going concern known as “Valiant Entertainment” and they are publishing a collection of HARBINGER, and former Valiant E-i-C Jim Shooter is writing a new story for it (Later to become much better known David Lapham was the artist.) We know […]

Legendary Stan pacts with Disney

At an age when most would be sailing peacefully into the twilight, Stan Lee just can’t stop pacting and creating, as his Pow! Entertainment has just signeda multiyear, first-look deal with Disney Studios: “Stan has so many fantastic new ideas for films, and we can’t wait to get started,” said Oren Aviv, president of production […]

Mikhaela and Masheka hit the road

Cartooners Mikhaela Reid & Masheka Wood are hitting the road with a slideshow and behind ATTACK OF THE 50-FOOT MIKHAELA and DEEP DOODLE. More info here, and the wedding-interrupted itinerary here: Sat Jun 9, 4pm | Detroit: Mikhaela Reid & Masheka Wood Cartoon Slideshow & Signing @ Green Brain Comics, 13210 Michigan Ave., Dearborn, MI […]

Teen Boat!

Need anything more be said?: The ANGST of being a teen — the THRILL of being a boat! All right!! Dave Roman and John Green’s amazing (and award- winning) series, Teen Boat!, will be returning in an all-new 7th issue that will debut at the MoCCA art festival in New York on June 23rd. They […]