We alerted you to the forthcoming THE GIRLS’ GUIDE TO GUYS’ STUFF anthology a few posts ago. Edited by MK Reed and Robin Enrico, it’s the latest 99% female comics anthology from Friends of Lulu. The subject matter, when it was announced, engendered quite a bit of controversy, even here in the comments section.

Well, we’ve been reading this book and we are here to say: it is quite possibly one of THE anthologies of the year.

Kids, this book is FRESH.

The subject matter is uncharted territory, and the talents involved are full of energy and enthusiasm. There is a total lack of axe-grinding that, in this day and age, almost made me cry tears of relief. Far from being hobbled by any kind of agenda, the creators here are just talking about stuff they love — whether it’s Lauren Skinner‘s love of baseball, Debbie Huey talking hockey (sports are a recurring theme) or Lark Pien‘s look at video games. There is gentle fun poked at guys from time to time — Yali Lin on why guys don’t notice new hairdos — but it’s all in good spirit and fun. Although the stories are brief, they show a high degree of storytelling (much more so than many of those “pretty picture” anthologies out there.)

There are also blessed few “Why did they put THAT in there?” moments of amateurish execution, and in fact a lot of talented new people in here, like Vanessa Satone (her story is a silent tribute to desert racing), Danica Novgorodoff and Hilary Florido.

You can see previews and check out the websites of all the creators inside here, but we’re previewing the kick-off story by Hellen Jo right now. This story made us laugh and let us know that this book was NOT going to be what we expected–in a very good way. Click for larger images.

Hellen1 Hellen2

If you like what you see in the previews, consider preordering a copy. The preorders will help defray the cost of printing, and get a book out there that needs to be seen.

PRoN frolic with children’s books causes ruckus in Singapore

PronstahIt seems that a copy of HOW TO MAKE MONEY LIKE A PORN STAR, the controversial graphic novel by Neil Strass and Bernard Chang, has caused some problems in Singapore when it was found racked with some kids books at a book fair:

A comic book, imported from the US and laden with adult content, was sold at the World Book Fair held at the Suntec Convention Centre last weekend.

Displayed among other children’s books at the fair, the comics caught the attention of teenagers and grown-ups.

Rachel Chan said: “I was really shocked. There are suggestively drawn frontal nudity graphics, showing women’s breasts and men’s private parts. The book shows how kids could make money by producing their own porn.”

A news video included in th elink, shows the book lying under a stack of Simpsons graphic novels, a kid magnet waiting to happen.

The book is also sold in other stores, but shrink wrapped. In Singapore, strict government-sponsored censorship or sexual, violent or racially insensitive material is the norm.

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Shooter and Valiant are…back?

We ran across this press release over on CBR which indicates that there is a going concern known as “Valiant Entertainment” and they are publishing a collection of HARBINGER, and former Valiant E-i-C Jim Shooter is writing a new story for it (Later to become much better known David Lapham was the artist.) We know little as to context — Valiant was one of the premiere publishers of the “Chromium Age” but parent Acclaim went bankrupt several years ago, and this Valiant Entertainment acquired the rights to their comics library. The website is a placeholder but it looks like more is coming. Anyone know anything more about this?

Comics legend and co-architect of the original Valiant Comics universe, Jim Shooter, has written a new Harbinger story for the upcoming Valiant hardcover collection, HARBINGER: THE BEGINNING. The deluxe hardcover by Valiant Entertainment collects the full Harbinger origin story ( Harbinger #0-7) for the first time ever, and includes an all-new “Origin of Harada” story by Jim Shooter that features the first appearance of a new key Valiant character!

Harbinger #0-7 has been digitally recolored and remastered using state-of-the-art computer techniques, and the all-new “Origin of Harada” story features art by former Valiant creator Bob Hall ( Shadowman ).

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Legendary Stan pacts with Disney

Stan LAt an age when most would be sailing peacefully into the twilight, Stan Lee just can’t stop pacting and creating, as his Pow! Entertainment has just signeda multiyear, first-look deal with Disney Studios:

“Stan has so many fantastic new ideas for films, and we can’t wait to get started,” said Oren Aviv, president of production at Walt Disney Studios. “Stan Lee is a living legend in the world of pop culture, and his characters and stories have been the inspiration for some of Hollywood’s biggest blockbusters. We’re very excited to be working with him and his talented team in creating some incredible new motion picture experiences.”

A major component of the agreement is home entertainment, as Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment president Bob Chapek was instrumental in bringing the deal to Disney. Chapek will work closely with Lee on many of his projects.

“(We) feel very fortunate to be collaborating with him on a wide range of new projects for all divisions of our company,” Chapek said. “His track record is impressive by any measure, and (the home entertainment unit) is sure to benefit from his creations.”

85-year-old Stan and Pow’s recent ventures include the direct-to-DVD movies Mosaic and The Condor, as well as the cartoon Striperella.

Mikhaela and Masheka hit the road

Cartooners Mikhaela Reid & Masheka Wood are hitting the road with a slideshow and behind ATTACK OF THE 50-FOOT MIKHAELA and DEEP DOODLE. More info here, and the wedding-interrupted itinerary here:

Sat Jun 9, 4pm | Detroit: Mikhaela Reid & Masheka Wood Cartoon Slideshow & Signing @ Green Brain Comics, 13210 Michigan Ave., Dearborn, MI

Tue Jun 12, 7pm | NYC: Masheka Wood & Mikhaela Reid Cartoon Slideshow & Book Launch Bash @ Bluestockings Books, 172 Allen Street, NYC

Fri Jun 22, 7 pm | NYC: Planned Parenthood book event w/ Jessica Valenti, Mikhaela Reid & Amber Madison @ Think Coffee, 248 Mercer Street, NYC

Sat July 7, 2pm | DC: Cartoonists With Attitude Cartoon Slideshow w/ Ted Rall, Keith Knight, Mikhaela Reid, Stephanie McMillan, Ruben Bolling, Jen Sorensen, Masheka Wood & more @ Borders, 18th & L Streets NW Washington, DC

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Fri Sept. 28, TBA | Boston/Cambridge: Mikhaela Reid & Masheka Wood Cartoon Slideshow & Signing w/ Center for New Words (location and time TBA)

Teen Boat!


Need anything more be said?:

The ANGST of being a teen — the THRILL of being a boat!

All right!! Dave Roman and John Green’s amazing (and award- winning) series, Teen Boat!, will be returning in an all-new 7th issue that will debut at the MoCCA art festival in New York on June 23rd. They are celebrating the impending release of this new issue by serializing the first three issues online over the next couple of weeks!

Adorable baby robot will steal your life