STAGGER LEE tops Glyph Awards

The Glyph Award were handed out last night and Johanna has the winners. Stagger Lee topped the list with four wins. Story of the Year Stagger Lee, Derek McCulloch, writer, Shepherd Hendrix, artist Best Writer Derek McCulloch, Stagger Lee Best Artist Kyle Baker, The Bakers Best Male Character Stagger Lee, Stagger Lee; Derek McCulloch, writer, […]

Vermonters making comics!

WCAX-TV up in Vermont ran a video feature on a different cartoonist every day this week! Sheesh who woulda thunk there were that many in one little state? Wait until they figure out that Ank-fray Iller-may is a Native Vermonter. Steve Bissette Ed Koren Jodi Picoult (Wonder Woman writer) and Hawk Otsby (Iron Man screenplay […]

Saturday Night Videos

Before HOUSE M.D. That reminds us, we hear the rumored Christopher Eccleston remake of THE PRISONER will be about a man who is transported to a strange village where people try to find out why he resigned from a popular sci-fi show. Summation of human existence to this point. Illicit Spanish animation. Never trust an […]