Barcelona Part II: The Quest for “Mount Jew”

[As I said in my first post on this topic, “any mistakes I make are from dumb ignorance and not malice.” and I sure managed to make a lot of dumb mistakes, from misspelling the name of people I was trying to praise to other political missteps. Lo siento! My biggest error was something I […]


It’s true! You can actually watch it all online now but everyone get together and watch and go online and tell everyone at Adult Swim that Drinky Crow MUST continue! You can vote on the PILOTS POLL window at the bottom right. As a nice bonus, creator Tony Millionaire receives a smart and candid profile […]

People, places and things

People have been sending us pots of pictures and links and stories and reports and stuff and we have not been doing ti justice at all. So here’s a kind of catch up post from the last couple of weeks, for the sake of Google if nothing else. § Neil Gaiman and Margaret Abouet (AYA) […]

Spurge in the LA Times on Marvel

Tom Spurgeon hits the LA Times with an opinion piece of Marvel’s second tier heroes: From the moment in 1998 that Wesley Snipes slipped into Kevlar and fake fangs to play vampire hunter Blade, Marvel has experienced its own startling transformation. A king of the comic book stores so flustered by Hollywood that its best […]

Spidey was COOL in the 70s

Even GOD (Morgan Freeman) couldn’t stop him! Via Comic Foundry

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