Bertozzi profiled in the Times

George Gene Gustines strikes again with a piece on Nick Bertozzi, The Salon and Gordon Lee: The standout “character” is Picasso, who is an egotist and often speaks in broken English, but somehow charms. Mr. Bertozzi said he was especially excited to show the mundane events that can lead to artistic breakthroughs. A morning talk […]

SPIDEY 3 has biggest opening day ever

To the surprise of no one, ‘Spider-Man 3’ set a new record for biggest opening day: Spider-Man 3 cast the widest web ever—over 10,000 screens at 4,252 theaters—and nabbed the all-time biggest gross for a single day: an estimated $59 million on Friday. The previous title holder, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest, drew […]

Internet memes analyzed

As computer-centric as you may think The Beat is, we’re often as baffled by the latest fads as the next guy. Take the whole “LOLCAT” thing. The combination of cats and the internet being catnip to the nerds, photos of cats with humorous captions have somehow evolved into a whole language called “kitty pidgin.” “I’m […]