Guest Review: Brandon on TEKKON KINKREET

[TEKKON KINKREET made news both as the adaptation of a respected manga, AND the first Japanese anime film to be written and directed by Americans. It’s currently on a very limited release in the US. Guest reviewer IVAN BRANDON (NYC Mech, 24seven) sent us this review.] I’ve always said that there are artists out there […]

Sunday Reading: Tate comics article

The Tate Britain, currently has a show up on William Hogarth, who is widely claimed by us comical types to have been one of the earliest cartoonists (and one of the greatest ever.) Reader Rob Cave writes to say that the Tate’s magazine has a cover story on comics and their antecedents, which is up […]

Sunday Watching: Nathan Fox

Illustrator Nath Fox is interviewed at Pulp Secret and his work on DMZ #18 for Vertigo is discussed. We’ve been fans of Fox’s visceral illos for some time and it’s great to see him dipping a toe into comics. Attached, page from DNZ and a self-portrait.

Sunday Reading: Comics Comics #2

Comics Comics #2, the most excellent alt.comix zine by Dan Nadel and T. Hodler is now sold out…but you can download it from their blog: So if you missed out on getting your own copy (and unfortunately, this one really does work best in its oversize paper form), you can now finally enjoy: Peter Bagge […]

Sunday Listenings: Buenaventura and Hignite

Boing Boing presents its Get Illuminated Podcast episode 8: Comic Art Magazine which interviews publisher Alvin Buenaventura and editor Todd Hignite on the subject of their magazine Comic Art. Alvin also publishes other books of and about comics — check out the line-up at Buenaventura Press. Hignite is the author of a terrific book called […]

Sunday Reading: Cereal Blogs

Beat Street Irregular Maclaine Diemer sends us some links to cool blogs including the illustrators collarborative Sugar Frosted Goodness which includes this Roadside Attraction map by Linzie Hunter and much comics related content. Maclaine also tipped us off to the Mr Toast site, which includes archives of cereal box concept artwork and so on. They’re […]