RIP Marshall Rogers

Via DC: Artist Marshall Rogers, who won acclaim for his stylish depiction of Batman, has died at age 57. “Marshall was one of the radical young stylists bringing new looks to DC in the ‘70s, especially with his memorable collaboration with Steve Englehart on Batman,” says DC Comics President & Publisher Paul Levitz. “His debonair […]

Comics pack ONE-TWO punch at box office

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turyles made a CGI-powered comeback, rising to the top of the weekend boxoffice with $25.45 million. 300 was second, continuing its fantastic pace with $20.5 million. By the way, did you know that TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES started off as a parody of Frank Miller’s RONIN? It’s TRUE! He’s everywhere! TMNT’s […]

Dare you face…COMICHRON????

Spurge leads us to Comichron a site at which polymath (and CBG publisher) John Jackson Miller collates old sales figures of comics from postal statements and the like, as well as historical distributor records. The site will reward many hours of fruitful browsing, but we’ll give you some highlights. Just at random, lets look at […]

Random quotes

§ Cartooner Keith Knight speaks of racism and humour: Knight encountered a similar problem when trying to sell racial cartoons shortly after the Muhammad cartoons caused riots and controversy around the world in September 2005. “Does everyone understand what this is? It’s not about being hateful against black people, it’s being critical about society,” he […]

Still fishin’

Still on our hellish fishing trip, tracking the wiley kracken through the deep as we round Cape Fear for parts unknown. Not much to say. But did you know tai chi can boost the immune system and help the elderly resist shingles? These ladies do.