Marvel’s thrills in Dubai

The good news: A Marvel theme park is opening! The bad news: You will have to go to Dubai to ride The Punisher’s Intensive Carousel. A UAE-based investment group hopes to sink $1 billion into the park, which will open in 2011 and is planned to be the start of family vacation destinations in Pan […]


Oh yeah! Hip hip hooray! This is it! The comic that set the standard for exotic danger, adventure, romance and femme fatales. Oh yes. Six volumes from IDW starting in July, with the Sundays in color. In case you don’t get that far into the press release, Dean Mullaney, a name not heard in comicdom […]

More on Jay Kennedy

There are still no details on the tragic drowning death of King Feature editor Jay Kennedy, but he is being fondly remembered by many. I only met him in passing, but heard his name constantly from people and it was always as a friend who was trusted and respected. In addition to being a highly […]

Vess seeks Stardust paintings

Speaking of Charles Vess, he’s searching for some of his Stardust art for an exhibition later this year: From June until September of this year I’ll be mounting an exhibition of my Stardust art at the the William King Regional Art Museum in their premium exhibition space. A LOT of people will be seeing the […]


Director DeZ Vylanz dropped us a note directing us to the page for The Mindscape of Alan Moore, a DVD interview with many extras: ALAN MOORE -writer, artist and performer- is the world’s most critically acclaimed and widely admired creator of comic books and graphic novels. In The Mindscape of Alan Moore we see a […]

Coheed and Cambria frontman announces comic

Indie band Coheed and Cambria’s Claudio Sanchez is one of a growing number of musical stars who itch to create their own comics. Indeed C&C have been putting out graphic novels, illustrated by folks like Christopher Shy, along with their albums for some time. Perhaps Sanchez can join other comics-creating tunesmiths MCR’s Gerard Way and […]

Morning Briefing: Jolie Joins WANTED

Angelina Jolie has joined the cast of WANTED, the adaptation of the Mark Millar/JG Jones comic, Variety reports. Globe-trotting baby-collector Jolie joins James McAvoy and Morgan Freeman in the film, which will be directed by Timur Bekmambetov whose hard-to-spell name is sure to lean to much mirth here at Stately Beat Manor. Pic will be […]

Woody Devlin debuts

Congrats to Peggy Burns and Tom Devlin on the arrival of “August Dagwood Devlin” 8 pounds 14 ounces, 7:56pm on March 15th. Peg and “Woody” are resting comfortably. Yes, his middle name is Dagwood–we love all comics that much. Well, anyway you slice it its better than Kal-El!