FoL’s statement on Empowerment Fund

I’m going to have more to say about this whole matter after I’ve solved comics’ marketing and distribution problems. In the meantime, Friends of Lulu president Shannon Crane has sent out the following statement: Official Press Release about the status of the Friends of Lulu Empowerment Fund project. Last year, we at Friends of Lulu […]

Ed Brubaker’s busy day

At his Myspace Blog, CAPTAIN AMERICA killer The Brub describes what it’s like to be in the middle of a media firestorm: I did about ten interviews today, with more scheduled tomorrow. I was on two NPR shows – or at least I will be when they air. I’m on the Morning Edition tomorrow (Thursday) […]

300: book in stock!

It’s 300 week here at SBM! In a very serious matter, ICv2checks in on Dark Horse’s stock levels. You’ll recall that copies of both HELLBOY and SIN CITY trades were in short supply when those respective movies opener. Happily, the situation with 300 is much healthier: We checked in with Dark Horse on the in […]

A rising tide kills all Caps

Oh boy, where to begin. Marvel really lucked out with the Captain America news frenzy — either that or they were more canny than we ever give them credit for. A nation that still fears terrorist attacks behind every cartoon promotion and man with a magnet in his ass, a nation that would rather obsess […]

STARDUST: giving them what they don’t know they want

Continuing our invesigation into what makes stories click with an audience, Neil Gaiman’s blog quotes a rather interesting interview with producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura, who produced the STARDUST film (adapting the illustrated novel by Gaiman and Charles Vess), CONSTANTINE and TRANSFORMERS among other things. Q: How has it been going on that as well? Lorenzo […]

Image offers $1.99 Invincible

If you lower the price, they will come — or so thinks Image Comics, which is offering a bargain-priced edition of its hit INVINCIBLE: This March, Image Comics is offering readers who still haven’t discovered INVINCIBLE a chance to try the series out for only $1.99. Featuring the start of a brand-new story arc and […]

Con Tidbits: Wonder-Con and Staple

Our essay writing of the last few days has been reqarding but time consuming, and we didn’t get a chance to post a bunch of convention links we have had sitting around. So before they are TOO stale § Blog@Newsarama has a nice report on Kids Love Comics Day in PA. We need more of […]

Pulp Secret debuts

Pulp Secret is a little webcast about comics. It calls itself a “network” but that’s a little ambitious as of yet. However the first episode does cover some nice territory. We didn’t have time to actually watch it yet, but we plan to. Premiere episode – 3/7/07: meet Justin, Pete and Alex (from Comic Book […]

Eisner offers two Mickey Mantles and a Nolan Ryan for Topps

Remember Michael Eisner, who ruled Disney for many profitable, synergistic years? What’s he up to these days? Well, it looks like he really likes bubble gum. His investment company The Tornante Group has made a bid to acquire Topps for $385 million, ICv2 reports. Topps, of course famously makes candy, bubble gum and a little […]

Scottish cartooner hasn’t stopped beating his wife

A top Scottish cartoonist has admitted to assaulting his wife, the BBC reports.. 63-year-old Malky McCormick repeatedly punch his wife Ann in the head during an argument caused by her insomnia. However, the couple had undergone many recent tragedies, and McCormack told the judge he was seeking help. Three years ago the couple’s 20-year-old son […]

Cartooner eschews cons to spend time with kids

An article in USA Today about dads resisting work travel to spend more time with their kids spotlights artist Dave Dorman: As a comic book illustrator who draws well-known Star Wars and G.I. Joe images, Dave Dorman is often asked by his publishers or clients to attend autograph-signing events. But more than once, the 48-year-old […]

Kibbles ‘n’ Bits

§ MSNBC names the Top eight film adaptations of graphic novels: • Intro• “V For Vendetta”• “The Road to Perdition”• “300”• “Sin City”• “X-Men 2: X-Men United”• “From Hell”• “Batman Begins”• “A History of Violence” Personally, we prefer MYSTERY MEN to FROM HELL….or do we? § Wired reports on a phenomenon we’re all too familiar […]