Dress as Tek Jansen!

Get your spit curls ready. Oni is sponsoring a contest at New York Comic-Con: Oni Press is happy to announce a fun event to correspond with Stephen Colbert’s signing at the upcoming New York Comic Con. We (Oni Press) will be offering prizes for any attendees who come dressed as Stephen Colbert’s galaxy-hero-super-awesome-spectacular-ultra-spy, Tek Jansen. […]

The first one is free, kid

Some anecdotal but interesting evidence that the webcomic-to-trade model may be working. Chris Butcher point us to this interview with GIRL GENIUS’s Phil Foglio who gave up on printing floppies a couple of years ago. “Our readership is way up,” said Foglio. “At a conservative guesstimate by a factor of ten. Our sales have quadrupled, […]


Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips’ ICON series CRIMINAL continues to sport some of the tastiest covers on the racks. Top, the Trade. Below issue #6. Click for larger versions.

Twist vs. McFarlane…the final chapter

With a small notice in the St. Louis Post Dispatch one of the epic lawsuits of our time had its final, anti-climactic chapter: After seeing his first award of $24.5 million tossed out, and a subsequent one of $15 million upheld, former St. Louis Blues enforcer Tony Twist has settled for $5 million in a […]


Pretty light and late posting today. Next week we’ll have our all New York Comic-Con guide with parties, panels and all the rest. Hang tight. Courage.