David Lapham at Vertigo?

We’re there! DC Comics continues to unveil new collected editions and other book titles for summer 2007 with these projects from Vertigo, WildStorm and more. The titles include David Lapham’s highly anticipated original Vertigo graphic novel, SILVERFISH, the first collections from the new Vertigo series CROSSING MIDNIGHT and SCALPED, the first collection from WildStorm’s WorldStorm, […]

Riot Comics closes

After allowing us to follow along with his adventures in opening a shop for so long, Jason Richards announcesRIOT comics is closing: It’s Groundhog Day and I didn’t see my shadow this morning so that means spring is coming soon. Unfortunately, it also means that RIOT is closing its doors soon as well. Yes, the […]

aaaaand…The Rack Debuts

The Rack is ANOTHER webcomic debuting this week this one by blogger Kevin Church (Beaucoup Kevin) and artist Benjamin Birdie. “Set at the fictional Yavin IV comic shop in Southern California, THE RACK promises to skewer the duo’s most beloved medium with the required sobriety and tact it deserves: none at all.” More PR in […]

Botica joins Diamond as Sales Manager

Diamond Book Distributors announces a new sales manager. Diamond Book Distributors (DBD) is pleased to announce the hiring of Emily Botica in the position of Sales Manager primarily responsible for handling Borders Group Inc. (BGI) accounts. Before joining Diamond, Emily was the Assistant Buyer in Fiction at BGI and a Buyer for Classics and Collections […]

Alan Moore: It’s MAGIC!

Top Shelf announces The Moon and Serpent Bumper Book of Magic : Splendid news for boys and girls, and guaranteed salvation for humanity! Messrs. Steve and Alan Moore, current proprietors of the celebrated Moon & Serpent Grand Egyptian Theatre of Marvels (sorcery by appointment since circa 150 AD) are presently engaged in producing a clear […]

ACT-I-VERSARY party poop

Well, the Act-i-vate party was all that and a bag of chips. Everyone showed up, just about, and there was much schmoozing and cruising, and even a little freestyle. Bobo_Dreams has a few pictures up and the rest we just don’t remember. One sociological note: This gathering was kind of reminiscent of the old Cartoon […]

@ the 8 Spot debuts

@ the 8 Spot is a new comic by Wilson Ramos and Eric Rivera that promises to chronicle the life of comics freelancers. It’s supposed to update weekly and we hope it does!

La Muse debuts

Big Head Press has launched La Muse a good looking new webcomic by Adi Tantimadh and Hugo Petrus with a 13 page chunk. The story updates Mondays. Tantimedh describes La Muse as “a science-fiction comedy about Power, the horrors and absurdities of Celebrity, moral dilemmas, and the love-hate relationships between sisters.” “Think of an updated […]

Get your own Levitating Hover Scooter!

TMZ stole our headline by saying this baby would make you look like the Green Goblin, but damned if the Levitating Hover Scooter isn’t just what we always wanted for the dispersal of pumpkin bombs: Hailed by The New York Times as a “miniature flying saucer with handlebars, the hover scooter provides an unprecedented experience […]