Moon And Serpent Cover Lg
Top Shelf announces The Moon and Serpent Bumper Book of Magic :

Splendid news for boys and girls, and guaranteed salvation for humanity! Messrs. Steve and Alan Moore, current proprietors of the celebrated Moon & Serpent Grand Egyptian Theatre of Marvels (sorcery by appointment since circa 150 AD) are presently engaged in producing a clear and practical grimoire of the occult sciences that offers endless necromantic fun for all the family. Exquisitely illuminated by a host of adepts including Kevin O’Neill, Melinda Gebbie, John Coulthart, José Villarrubia and other stellar talents (to be named shortly), this marvelous and unprecedented tome promises to provide all that the reader could conceivably need in order to commence a fulfilling new career as a diabolist.

Its contents include profusely illustrated instructional essays upon this ancient sect’s theories of magic, notably the key dissertation “Adventures in Thinking” which gives reliable advice as to how entry into the world of magic may be readily achieved. Further to this, a number of “Rainy Day” activity pages present lively and entertaining things-to-do once the magical state has been attained, including such popular pastimes as divination, etheric travel and the conjuring of a colourful multitude of sprits, deities, dead people and infernal entities from the pit, all of whom are sure to become your new best friends.

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  1. Is this supposed to be a “serious” book of sorcery and witchcraft, or something done tongue-in-cheek? Alan is into some really weird stuff, so if it’s the former, I won’t be carrying it. If it’s the latter, I look forward to it.

  2. I think it will be a little of both. He talks about how he wants illustrations like kids on 1950’s chemistry sets learning magic, but he definitely belives in what he talks about. As far as it being “really weird stuff”, hearing Alan talk about magic is not much weirder than listening to any religion. Sometimes it sounds more logical.

  3. I’d say it sounds like it’s a little of both, like Promethea. Actually, probably not as directly serious as Promethea.

  4. Sounds like “THE DANGEROUS BOOK FOR BOYS” of the occult. I’m all for that. For a start, the Igguldens’ book sells like the clappers.

    Plus, I’d rather have Alan Moore blowing my mind than publishing porn (even smart, literate porn).