EW explains

We just received this note from Thom Geier, Senior Editor, Entertainment Weekly in re: the comics sales chart. There seems to be a lot of misinformation circling about the best-seller chart that ran in Entertainment Weekly’s Jan. 12 issue. Since I edit the magazine’s Books section, I’d like to clear a few things up. In […]

TO DO TONITE: Kelso & Forney @ Rocketship

We’ve been super bad about our events calendar due to our own jumbled schedule and intern Cindy’s revised class times. Anyway we’ll try to get back on track and to kick things off, here’s something you won’t want to miss: This Friday Night, Jan 12th, at 8 in the evening, cartoonists Ellen Forney and Megan […]

PR: NUMB due in February

[Oops, we had the wrong art posted…vv sorry!] Joshua Kemble’s NUMB is a Xeric-winning comic due from Alternative Comics in February and it l ooks pretty interesting. Long Beach, CA, January 11, 2007, California cartoonist Joshua Kemble has been awarded a prestigious Xeric Foundation Grant to self-publish his debut comic book NUMB, to be released […]

More unconnected links

Because *I* say so. § We’re not entirely up to speed on this Civil War thing, but it seems Speedball, a lovably goofy Marvel hero, has been turned into Penance, whose name recalls ideas of religious absolution through physical pain prevalent in the Middle Ages — and also a character from the most popular novel […]

People are talking about…TOM BREVOORT

Today’s Wizard interview between Bendis and Brevoort supplies the kind of juicy historical details that you used to find in old issues of the Comics Journal: BREVOORT: That all sorted itself out and sort of turned itself around, but I was still very much in shellshock territory. It was about as bad over a period […]


Over at the First Second blog, Eddie Campbell interview Malaysian cartoon giant LAT: CAMPBELL: What other things were you looking at when you were young? Davey Law’s Dennis the Menace perhaps? LAT: The little Kampung Boy with the pile of hair is supposed to be me in the early days…there were two types of boys […]

Faux-Klingons invade White House

Rep. David Wu (D-OR) took to the House floor yesterday to warn us of a grave threat: Klingon’s disguised as Vulcans have infiltrated the highest reaches of our government, and sabotaged (that’s SAB-AH-TAAAGED) our foreign policy. While we feel that the Federation Starfleet should immediately be deployed in a surge of strength, Wonkette explains that […]

Cowboys & Aliens redux

A few more voices have been heard from in the COWBOYS & ALIENS story. The fundamental question in whether you consider this a “scandal” or not is whether you think Platinum’s plan to reimburse retailers for ordering many copies of the book was somehow underhanded or not. The always must-read Steven Grant, who has a […]