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Lynda Barry is back and not a moment too soon

As far as we’re concerned, all of this scandal and innuendo is nothing compared to the majestic news that a new Lynda Barry book is on the way and D&Q is spearheading a reprinting of ERNIE POOK’S COMEEK. As reported in this week’s issue of Publishers Weekly, Drawn & Quarterly has announced plans to publish […]

MARVEL SHOCKER: Civil War Finale Delayed

ICv2 has a compact item — evidently taken from Marvel’s retailer mailing — revealing a delay in shipping for CIVIL WAR #7. Marvel Comics has announced that Civil War #7, the finale to the blockbuster mini-series that was most recently slated to go on sale on January 31st, has been delayed until February 21st. A […]

Cowboys and Aliens uncovered

Dirk presents his findings in the matter of Platinum buying the #1 graphic novel spot, and we recommend you just go over there and read it. Dirk actually spoke with participants at Midtown Comics and Platinum, and one interesting thing that emerged is that the Entertainment Weekly listing of COWBOYS & ALIENS as the #1 […]

Today in AMS

The AMS bankruptcy continues to unfold with unknown but seemingly ominous consequences for many small publishers. GalleyCat and our own PW have had the best coverage, with other posts by such places as Boing Boing and this vitriolic anonymous blog also chiming in. Today’s developments, via Galley Cat.

GET YOUR WAR ON Off-Broadway

David Rees alerts the TCJ message board to an off-Broadway version of his strip GET YOUR WAR ON: Remember five years ago, when somebody sent you this link: …and you read a few comics and then, perhaps, never thought about the comic again, unless you are a Rolling Stone reader or a left-wing activist […]

Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo picked up

We just wanted to run this press release because saying Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo is fun! We saw this anime once and it was definitely off the wall. Perhaps a check of the manga is called for. Toei Animation Inc., a subsidiary of Japan’s largest animation production studio, Toei Animation Co., Ltd., has secured their most popular […]

Open Book seeks ‘hot’ literary material

Man alive, the New Year is hopping with excitement! Remember Open Book Press, the indy publisher formerly owned by Mike Gagnon? Its new owners put out a press release on the PRweb yesterday. We have no idea what this means for Scootles or anyone else, but it’s good to know they are jumping into the […]

What does Clive Owen smell like?

Apparently mint and cardamom. Frankly, we’re relived to see Clive endorsing a line of skin products, since many of his early profiles mentioned his “leathery” appearance. It is never too late to start taking care of your skin, and although years of abuse cannot be reversed, a sensible skin care regime that includes exfoliation, moisturization […]