Marvel Month-to-Month Sales: November 2006

By Paul O’Brien Once again, CIVIL WAR is the dominant theme for November, as the mega-crossover sprawls into its seventh month. This should have been the last one, but thanks to the delays, there’s a while to go yet. However, we do get two new ongoing titles this month – PUNISHER WAR JOURNAL, which was […]

Recommended: Meathaus Enterprises

Here’s another blog that rewards frequent visits: Meathaus Enterprises. Thrown together by the various talented folks at Meathaus, the comics anthology, it features groovy artists, odd installations, neat buildings, and other randomly interesting things, like Sarah Oleksyk, above. And oh hey, they’re having a Rocketship party this Friday! We may just show up. We got […]

Ray Harryhausen

This probably the best thing ever: all of Ray Harryhausen’s creatures in chronological order. First, watch it. Even if you have seen it before, it’s good every time. The great thing about Ray Harryhausen is that he is an artist with a style that no one could ever match. Not just in the designs of […]