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  1. I like it, but I think the CGI still needs some work. And the Silver Surfer is a little too chrome-like. Dull it down a bit, and I’m happy. I’m a fan of the Silver Surfer (probably my fave superhero), but he did very little flying through objects in the books. With his skill with the surfboard, he’d look much cooler dodging things than going through them. I guess they wanted to show more of SS’s power and to differentiate SS’s flying from the Human Torch’s. If they screw up the Silver Surfer as much as they did Doctor Doom, I’ll be pissed.

  2. I’m one happy camper. I’ve waited my entire life for a Silver Surfer movie (I’ve always predicted that there would be one made on my lifetime) and Fox gave me the best X-Mas present ever – in spades.



  3. They did motion capture for him, I believe. Probably, the idea is for him to be more alien and otherworldly by having not move as a human naturally would. Well, that’d be a possible thought anyway.

  4. Are you all on crack. That looked horrible. The silver surfer’s eyes don’t have pupils and he can’t melt through his board like the T-1000. Total crap.. I’m crying inside because they’re going to ruin a possible franchise before it even gets a shot.

    and the title of the movie?! WTF

  5. The Silver Surfer should have pupils. Being able to see is important. I haven’t seen the trailer yet, but if he melted through his board like the T1000, I’m suddenly very interested in The Silver Surfer.

    Also of note, I wasn’t crying about the organic web shooters in the Spider-Man movie either.

    The title of FF2 should be The Coming of Galactus, but marketing probably didn’t see the point of promoting a character in the title that doesn’t show up (not that I know of, anyway). At least change it to The Arrival of the Silver Surfer. Using Rise implies he ascends from the same planet as the FF.

    I don’t really care either way. The first Fantastic Four movie pretty much sucked. I believe a liquid metal CGI character can act way better than Jessica Alba, so I might just watch it. Plus, I’m all for Doug Jones getting more work.

  6. I have to agree with NVigneaux,

    Though I think that the “Purists” will attack the farnchise because of the ‘Pupil” gripe., I fel it shouldn’t be much of a worry though. He’ll still be the Silver Surfer. I love the ‘Silver Surfer”, so I’m looking foward to him in this. Doug Jones and Micheal Chiklis will steal the show, they’re the best!! THEY ROCK!!

    Go Doug and MIKE!!

  7. The silver surfers eyes should be without pupils BECAUSE he has the power cosmic. EVERY SINGLE HERALD of galactus has it because lets face it it gives them that look of “all knowing” and in being heralds they are in a way reborn of their master. It is bollocks. And as fro melting through the board, he has enough amazing capabilities without throwing that in. His board is quite clearly stated in the comic as indestructable.