Incoming Signal

Hello, kids. We’re still abroad with limited internet facilities. We’ll be hopfully presenting some updates later today. Thanks to all for the Thanksgiving wishes, and hope everyone had a happy healthy 4-day shopping weekend. Here at our international HQ, we’re been investigating traces of radioactivity throughout the EU, and along the way we’ve made a […]

Doc Hammer’s paintings

While we’re still pining away for THE VENTURE BROS. here at SBM, or wherever in the world we are now, we are finding som esolace in this gallery of co-creatyor Doc Hammer’s gallery at deviantART . As one commentator put it, “he really likes painting chicks in bras.” Suddenly we understand Doctor Girlfriend so much […]

When monsters get tummy trouble

Is it just me or is the vision of a giant woman in a toga grabbing her ass for fear she has diarrhea—while standing right over your HOUSE–one of the scariest sights ever?

How to draw things right

Speaking of John K. we’ve linked to his blog all kinds of stuff before, but it’s really must reading. Kricfalusi is notoriously cranky and disdainful of bad work, and on his blog he has endless tips on drawing, animating and other technical matters. Here’s a sample on composition. Click for a larger version. Milt Gross […]

Weekend Pussy Hunt

In the Pleistocene days of the internet, one of the first sites to create original content for the Web was Icebox. People said showing cartoons on the World Wide Web was crazy and would never take off, and indeed, Icebox died in the First Great Internet Crash. But not before presenting several episodes of John […]

A message from Bruce

WKRP – Thanksgiving Turkey Drop

“As god is my witness…I thought turkeys could fly.” Happy Thanksgiving!

The concept art of Daniel Dociu

Daniel Dociu is a Romanian-born video game concept artist whose work we ran across back when we were a Spectrum judge earlier this year. He’s currently Art Director at ArenaNet, most recently having worked on Guildwarsm according to his website. His work has a kind of Jawa explosion/rainy night in Hong Kong/ruined hydroponic tank feeling […]

How do you play with this thing, anyway?

Via Boing Boing and everywhere else.

Making Comics thoughts

Over at Make Comics Forever!!, actor/cartooner Cameron Chesney talks about one of the most unusualy aspects of Scott McCloud’s MAKING COMICS: the section on facial expressions: One aspect of the book, which I was amazed by, but also took odds with a little bit, was the section about Facial Expressions. I have for several years […]

The Australian on Tezuka

There’s a huge Tezuka exhibit going on in Australia, and we couldn’t be more jealous. Luckily it means lot of press coverage of Tezuka like this one. : Tezuka, who died in 1989, devised many of manga’s most distinctive forms and images, including the big eyes and long narratives, in the 1950s. Familiar yet strange, […]

Clive Owen is a know-nothing!

Clive Owen is in the dark about SIN CITY 2!: “I honestly don’t know what’s happening there because everybody’s talked about it. It’s been announced a few times that it’s happening but I have no idea what’s happening there. I mean I don’t know when they’re going to do it or who’s doing it. I […]

It’s over: New Yorker succumbs to variant covers

And Chris Ware is the culprit!: The next cartoon issue of The New Yorker, dated Nov. 27 and on newsstands next week, will feature four different covers by Chris Ware. The magazine is calling it a narrative cover, with each image depicting a Thanksgiving scene, two set in 1942 and two today. The stories become […]

To Do tonight, NYC: McCloud at NYU

Scott McCloud delivers his entire slide show for the only time in NYC tonight at the Tisch School of the Arts at NYU: Comics Legend Scott McCloud at NYU Date and Time:November 20, 20067:00pm – 9:00pm Location:19 West 4th Street, Room 101The Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP) at the Tisch School of the Arts at New […]

A couple more pictures from the National

The National, a comics show here in NYC, was like it always was: a very very old school show that includes low ceilings and lots of long boxes. Val Kilmer felt poorly and went home early so we didn’t get to get a picture with him. We ran into Richard Howell and chatted with him […]

Yoe is looking for dirty cartoons!

We also ran into Craig Yoe at the National, and he showed us a mockup of his upcoming book, Clean Cartoonists’s Dirty Drawings, and it was an eye-opener and no mistake. What was Ernie Bushmiller’s obsession with dogs sniffing each other’s butts? And man, did Carl Barks draw sexy girls. Anyway, Yoe is still looking […]