R.I.P. Dave Cockrum

Dave Cockrum, legendary artist and co-creator of such characters as Storm, Nightcrawler, the Starjammers and many more, died on Saturday of complications from diabetes. He was 63. Cockrum had been in ill-health for years, but continued to appear at conventions as a popular guest. Despite his lasting achievements in comics, Cockrum lived in poverty for […]

Eddie Campbell blogs

Bookmark Eddie Campbell’s new blog post haste. First off, he explains why FROM HELL was out of print for a year: This is just one more episode in the loony publishing history of this book, which has seen publishers, distributors and now a printer all go out of business. So, the problem was that there […]

Incoming Signal

Hello, kids. We’re still abroad with limited internet facilities. We’ll be hopfully presenting some updates later today. Thanks to all for the Thanksgiving wishes, and hope everyone had a happy healthy 4-day shopping weekend. Here at our international HQ, we’re been investigating traces of radioactivity throughout the EU, and along the way we’ve made a […]

Doc Hammer’s paintings

While we’re still pining away for THE VENTURE BROS. here at SBM, or wherever in the world we are now, we are finding som esolace in this gallery of co-creatyor Doc Hammer’s gallery at deviantART . As one commentator put it, “he really likes painting chicks in bras.” Suddenly we understand Doctor Girlfriend so much […]