TO DO – November 7 – November 14

Tuesday, November 7th New York, NY at 7 PM Joann Sfar at Barnes and Noble 6th Avenue Barnes and Noble (675 6th Avenue) holds a Q&A and book signing with Joann Sfar, author and illustrator of The Rabbi’s Cat and Klezmer. The event is co-sponsored by the Cultural Services of the French Embassy. For more […]

Kochalka sings again

This music thing seems to be working out for James Kochalka, with a lot of good press for his latest album and a strong showing on indie music charts. Today he writes to tell us he’s posted a new rap song about The Legend of Zelda video game on his mp3 page at Comics, […]

Rich Johnson Speaks

ICv2 has the first interview with Rich Johnson, the new co-main man at Hachette’s Yen Press. If our email is any indication, Johnson is the new most popular man in comics, but he’s probably so busy being the new most popular man that theinterview reads as if it was done on speaker-phone while Johnson was […]

Viper adds five webcomics

We don’t know too much about Viper Comics, but they claim to be adding webcomics to their website, which sounds like a good way to build traffic: Last September Viper Comics announced they were in search of a new webcomic to join You’ll Have That and The Horrible Pirates on the publisher’s website. After an […]

Iron Man News

Shellhead much in the news today. First, ComingSoon gets Robert Downey’s thoughts on playing IRON MAN, and to everyone’s surprise they do not involve crawling into other people’s bed in an alcoholic stupor, but rather the technical aspects of motion capture. We always heard Downey was a pro, but this is ridiculous! “The suit for […]

Where is everyone?

It is a very very kwiet day in comics news. Is everyone off voting? Maybe. DON’T FORGET TO VOTE. Oh yeah and while we’re at it…why are Mac mouses so crappy?

Movie updates

Rich JohnsTon got a brief respone from Frank Miller on yesterday’s SIN CITY 2 rumors: This is patent nonsense. Cybercrap. Okay then. Meanwhile, Cinematical has two news items of interest to our kind. #1, one-time Frank Miller collaborator Darren Aronofsky explains why he isn’t directing the film version of LONE WOLF AND CUB “Paramount never […]

Comic Tool blog launches

M.K. Reed has launched a nifty little blog called comic tools which interviews various folks on just that — the tool they use to create comics. So far she’s interviewed Jim Rugg, Hope Larson, Debbie Huey and others, and she plans to keep on doing it as long as artists answer her questionaire. A sample […]

Marvel conference call transcript

Seeking Alpha has the transcript of Marvel’s investor conference call yesterday. Nothing too interesting — lots of questions about Hasbro’s toy deal, and the repeated declaration that it was CIVIL WAR that sent Marvel’s publishing profits up in 3Q ’06. it’s not as much “fun” as listening, but for you Mac-impaired Ken West junkies, there […]

“It goes to ELEVEN!”

Speaking of Halloween wrap-up, many pictures of Portland, OR comics notable in costume at the page for the annual Anina Bennett/Paul Guinan Halloween bash. Up at the Big Red Hair website are more photos of Stumptown, Wonder Woman Appreciation Day, and a report on Anina’s taping part of a documentary on Wonder Woman fans. That […]