Marvel Month-to-Month Sales: September 2006

by Paul O’Brien The CIVIL WAR crossover continued to sprawl across Marvel’s line in September. However, the delays are starting to take their toll. PUNISHER WAR JOURNAL was supposed to launch last month as a tie-in series. But the main CIVIL WAR series isn’t ready yet, so the series has been put back to late […]

Moon Knight readies for eventual download on iTunes

Moon Knight, the superhero with more secret identities than ties created by Doug Moench and Don Perlin, is being developed for a TV series. The pr refers to him as a “cult favorite,” but execs assured everyone the TV show would be “compelling and long-lasting.” Plus, with the success o HEROES, it seems superheroes on […]

Marjane Satrapi has a blog

A production blog for the PERSEPOLIS movie. Posting sparse thus far, but a report on the first crew screening of the film is entertaining: The last scene before the end, my heart started beating so badly (thanks god everybody applauded!) thinking about the first time the movie is REALLY going to be screened. I will […]

Snyder takes on Bode

Director Zack Snyder just can’t get enough comics book movies to direct! his upcoming film of 300 is generating huge buzz, he’s supposed to be next in line to direct WATCHMEN, and now he’s signed on for a film based on Vaughn Bode’s COBALT 60: Taking place in a postapocalyptic world inhabited by mutants and […]

Random news bites, most comics related

§ Charles Schulz trails Kurt Cobain and Elvis as the highest crossing dead celebrity: Angst-ridden grunge rocker Kurt Cobain has pushed Elvis into second place in a list of highest-earning dead celebrities, with the late Nirvana frontman raking in 50 million dollars in the past year. The website ranks 13 celebrities pushing up daisies […]

Breaking: Dinosaurs had worms

Fossil evidence shows beloved ancient saurians had “little friends”: Gut contents from the fossil of a plant-eating dinosaur living 75 million years ago reveal what could be the first evidence of parasitic stomach worms, scientists said this week. The evidence was found in a well preserved duck-billed dinosaur, dubbed Leonardo, unearthed in the Judith River […]

Broke down…

…and bought a scanner. We’re raiding the vaults. And we’re totally scanning in pages of old comics just like other bloggers…once we learn how to do it!