§ Charles Schulz trails Kurt Cobain and Elvis as the highest crossing dead celebrity:

Angst-ridden grunge rocker Kurt Cobain has pushed Elvis into second place in a list of highest-earning dead celebrities, with the late Nirvana frontman raking in 50 million dollars in the past year.

The Forbes.com website ranks 13 celebrities pushing up daisies on their income and proves that death need not be an obstacle to making money, with the group collectively earning 247 million dollars in the last year, AFP reported.

“Peanuts” creator Charles Schulz, whose cartoons are syndicated in thousands of newspapers worldwide, came third after earning 35 million dollars, ahead of John Lennon with 24 million and Albert Einstein with 20 million.

§ Josh Neufeld receives letter written on handsome stationery.

§ Adam Beechen does what many have longed to do with this headline.

§ Matt Silvie and his friends really don’t like Anne Elizabeth Moore.

Someone had given the group a pie, so while people were asking her questions, Anne would just eat bites of pie, and speak to the crowd with her mouth full. So arrogant.

§ Cartoonist is also a firefighter — women don’t know whether to scorn him or date him.

Combs will produce three nationally oriented cartoons per week (in color and black and white) while also creating local cartoons for The Crescent-News in Defiance, Ohio. He’s a firefighter in nearby Bryan, Ohio, a job he says helps him draw from the perspective of an average citizen.