To do: October 24-27

Harvey Pekar, Stumptown, Bryan Lee O’Malley — this week has it ALL! TUESDAY, OCTOBER 24 NEW YORK, NY — 8 pm: Best American Comics signing at Galapagos, 70 N 6th Street, Williamsburg Brooklyn, $2. Booksigning with editors Harvey Pekar and Anne Elizabeth Moore – plus slideshow with local artists Kurt Wolfgang, Jessica Abel, David Heatley, […]

Women Webcomicker Grant NAN: Recipients Announced

Via Lea Hernandez, the winners of four year long accounts on WOMEN WEBCOMICKER GRANT NAN: 2006 Recipients Blue Canary, Kit White Chasing Daylight, Ann Kennedy Circuit of Heaven, Julia Claire Begley (URL forthcoming) Primary, Rachel Dukes Before September 6th, for me to say I understood the reach of the Internet would mean that I […]

For stylish lunching

Eric Shanower is once again offering his Wizard of Oz Lunch Box Only $16.95. Seriously, how could you not want this? PS: we recently received a copy of Eric’s ADVENTURES IN OZ compendium, published by IDW, and it is stunning and lovely.

Two ways of looking at a library

The Kansas City Star looks at the recent controversy over FUN HOME and BLANKETS: But the books are notable because they’re also graphic novels, stories told primarily with drawings instead of words. They resemble comic books, but graphic novels typically run hundreds of pages and often tackle mature subject matter. And as graphic novels have […]

Israeli comics

The Jewish Quarterly offers a very long and thoughtful examination of the works of Actus Tragicus, Etgar Keret and the Hanukas: It is often at the margins of a culture that we can uncover the most pressing issues which it faces, as they well up from beneath the surface. Just as the political counter-culture in […]

Richie + Diggle = THE GAMEKEEPER

Cinematical sums up the latest “director’s cut” comic from VIRGIN, this one from director Guy Richie: There was an announcement on comic book writer Andy Diggle’s blog that he will be writing Ritchie’s 10-part series The Gamekeeper for Virgin. Diggle is based in the UK and has written for Batman Confidential and Green Arrow. The […]


We had a brief conversation this afternoon with Howard Jurofsky of Heavy Metal. He says that they will be publishing the first CORTO MALTESE book, THE BALLAD OF THE SALTY SEA, and see how it goes before doing any more of the books. The book will be in the 6 x 9 format, smaller than […]

Loken is Painkiller Jane

We missed this the other day Terminator 3 hottie Kristanna Loken will be PAINKILLER JANE in the upcoming series, but we didn’t want you to miss a photo op! ‘Painkiller Jane’ is executive produced by showrunner Gil Grant (24, NCIS). Loken will serve as co-executive producer. The series is slated to premiere on SCI FI […]

Jackman on Wolverine

Hugh Jackman is excited about the upcoming Wolverine solo movie –which is ironic, because we’re excited about Hugh Jackman! But thanks to a new script that recently arrived on the doorstep of Hugh Jackman, the saga of Wolverine is only just beginning. “We have our final script,” Jackman grinned like a proud papa this week, […]