200610240351Hugh Jackman is excited about the upcoming Wolverine solo movie –which is ironic, because we’re excited about Hugh Jackman!

But thanks to a new script that recently arrived on the doorstep of Hugh Jackman, the saga of Wolverine is only just beginning.

“We have our final script,” Jackman grinned like a proud papa this week, announcing his satisfaction with the untitled Wolverine prequel that he’ll begin filming in late 2007.

Little is known about the Wolverine spinoff flick, which — like a similarly conceived Magneto prequel in development — will tell the early story of an X-Men character while continuing to employ the fan-favorite star who brought him to life. Jackman’s comments, however, would seem to suggest that controversial “Last Stand” director Brett Ratner will not be returning.


  1. X-Men: The Last Stand was so bad that for the first time since Joel Schumacher, I am avoiding every movie that involves Brett Ratner.

    I’m glad to hear the Ratner won’t be doing Wolverine 4… and Jackman does such a defintive Wolverine that I can’t wait to see more!