Pekar and Moore tour for BEST AMERICAN COMICS

HE’S a curmugeonly filing clark from Cleveland. SHE went to grad school for Art History. But they’re on tour together to promote the BEST AMERICAN COMICS anthology! And they’re bringing their friends, and it’s going on TONIGHT! 2006 Tour for Harvey Pekar and Anne Elizabeth Moore San Francisco: Cody’s 4th St, Berkeley, panel, Friday, October […]

AdHouse store goes live

AdHouse Books publishers of such fine works as Project: Romantic, Process Recess, Salamader Dream, Mort Grim, and many many more, has opened a virtual storewhere you can shop with PayPal. get thee over there for some sure to sell out soon Paul Pope limited editions!

Fantagraphics response to Ellison posted

The response to the complaint in Harlan Ellison’s lawsuit against Fantagraphics has been posted iver at the Comics Journal site. It’s a denial of all of Ellison’s claims based on 32 defenses, including various First Amendment protections. The response ends with a request to dismiss the case and have Ellison pay the court and lawyer […]

The greatest comic book ever for today

We’ve been spending an INORDINATE amount of time over at the board this week, but it must have been because we were subconsciously waiting for the news we have been anxiously awaiting each and every day as we perambulated on the widow’s walk here at Stately Beat Manor. It seems that CORTO MALTESE is […]

The smartest guy in the room?

We haven’t been linking to Neil Kleid’s fine week of guest blogging over at Blog@NEwsarama, but we should have. He’s had fine interviewers with K. Thor Jenson, Chip Zdarsky, Josh Fialkov, Andrew Dabb, and an informative anthology roundtable. But these are all trumped by an interview with Slave Labor’s Dan Vado, which we hereby label […]

More on Fantagraphics storefront

The surprise announcement of the new Fantagraphics store in Seattle drew some interesting internet chatter. With well-founded fears of anxiety from traditional comics retail stores, Eric Reynolds was in an explaining mood over at The Engine. I believe this store can only be a good thing for the health of the comics market in Seattle […]

Original content

There’s been some behind the scenes soap opera in the comics of world of late, which we are not going to get into, and anyone who does will be deleted. But it has opened up a bit of a worm can about some fairly well known swipings. The main culprit is Arthur Suydam, who has […]

Would you like to make your own BLADE tv show?

How do you really, truly make sure a vampire is dead dead dead? Why, auction off his sets and props: BLADE – THE SERIES, SET DEC AUCTION. ONE DAY ONLY, EVERYTHING WILL BE SOLD WITH NO MINIMUM PRICE. PLEASE NOTE THE NEW TIME CHANGE! Able Auctions supports the CKNW Orphans’ Fund. Auction Details Everything under […]

Mad Max for media congloms?

Webcomics Nation’s Joey Manley points us to Publishing 2.0 media pundit Scott Karp’s musings on how the media giants of the future won’t be as big as the media giants of the past: There is now macroeconomic data to support the theory that Media 2.0 won’t be as profitable as Media 1.0 (from MediaPost): In […]

HALO movie on “pause”

Universal and Fox can’t pull the trigger on spiraling costs, and 27-year-old first time director was under suspicion: It’s game over for Universal’s and Fox’s participation in the feature adaptation of Microsoft’s “Halo.” Both of the studios that agreed to co-finance the screen adaptation of the popular Microsoft game have abruptly backed out of the […]