One more thought for the day

Steven “EVERYMAN” Goldman on today: I’ve been reading blog posts and news articles all day urging people to remember the people who lived through and who died in the events of 9/11/01. All day, off and on. And I feel like I’m going to be fairly ill. Maybe my perspective’s a little different. I wasn’t […]

Eric Shanower in Troy

A Cartoonist’s Adventures in Troy: AGE OF BRONZE’s Eric Shanower blogs his trip to the ruins of the ancient city. What I’d not received from my research in books, magazines, video, and the internet was the impression of how large the citadel really is. It’s bigger than I expected. So many books have mentioned how […]

Baltimore Voices

We’ll have our own Baltimore report up in a bit, but in the meantime, Mike Manley has pictures and his usual excellent reporting: About 11:15 the fire alarm went off. Most everyone, like me, looked around, didn’t see smoke or panic and figured a kid pulled the alarm. But after a few mintues the voice […]

Movie tidbits

Variety parses the Comic Book Movies/Itochu pact, boiling it down to a wish to make films based on Shotaro Ishinomori’s work. Itochu’s interest in the deal mostly derives from CBM’s plans to make live-action pics based on the work of late manga and anime master Shotaro Ishinomori. Itochu owns a 49% stake in Ishinomori Entertainment, […]

Cartoonist leaps to death

Mangaka Rin Inumaru commited suicide this weekend, apparently worried about her work. She created the character “Ojarumaru” which we weren’t familiar with, but Googling reveals it appear to be a popular children’s anime, featuring incredibly cute characters who are merchandizing widely, Sanrio-style. The Mainichi Daily News has the story: Popular cartoonist Rin Inumaru jumped to […]

A podcast with Alison Bechdel

The Bat Segundo show talks to the toast of the GN world on her astonishing success with FUN HOME: The meaning of “tragicomic,â€? Nabokov, Charles Addams, on how the funeral home component of Fun Home has been overlooked, on hitting a wall with words, the advantages of “visual writing,â€? Michael Lesy’s Time Frames: The Meaning […]

Back to Cyberspace

Back from Baltimore. The ethernet at the Marriot was hopeless, inexplicably shutting down for an entire day, then inexplicably popping back on at odd times, while crawling at a snail’s pace. We’re sorry we couldn’t do more live updating, but everyone had a swell time, it seems. More piccies and reports tomorrow. We will state […]