Back from Baltimore. The ethernet at the Marriot was hopeless, inexplicably shutting down for an entire day, then inexplicably popping back on at odd times, while crawling at a snail’s pace. We’re sorry we couldn’t do more live updating, but everyone had a swell time, it seems. More piccies and reports tomorrow. We will state for the record that Baltimore does make indisputably the best crab cakes, as if you didn’t know that.


  1. It turns out that I only got to hang out at the convention for two hours late on Sunday, then my brother and I checked out the Geppi Museum. Very, very nice museum. It really exceeded my expectations. Great location, too. My brother loved it, but wondered whether it’s possible for it to generate a profit. I don’t really think turning a profit is why Geppi did it, but I wonder about it too. Except for two or three other people, it was empty.

    As for the show, I went to the David Lloyd panel and it was great. I felt a little bad because he seemed so eager to sell his new book Kickback, and Dark Horse didn’t supply him with enough copies. I wanted one, and he was sold out. He did autograph a Kickback promo though. Very nice guy.

    Probably the most interesting comment from him was that he totally didn’t agree with Alan Moore’s philosophy that anarchy can be a viable solution for the world’s troubles. To prove his point, he brought up the Christiania area of Copenhagen (which I had just visited last November), which is pretty much an anarchic society. It was fine until some bikers moved in and it turned to a crime infested slum. I can recall that when I was walking around there at noon, with cops nearby, I still felt very unsafe. The craziest people I’ve ever seen there, high out of their minds in the middle of the day.

    He said that the world that V envisioned just isn’t possible in reality. The movie was a more realistic portrayal of showing V creating anarchy for a specific purpose, defeating the oppressive government, not for the purpose of creating a society of anarchists.

    The biggest shock? There was about eight people in the room to listen to David Lloyd. This guy has been a huge talent in the industry for decades, he had a major motion picture released here, and only eight people show up to his panel? It’s the closest we’re going to get to Alan Moore, people!!!

  2. Hey Brian, I’m sorry I missed you! I went tot he museum in the AM but was around for a few hors on Sunday. Glad you had a good time.