Jack Kirby Day

Mark Evanier marks what would have been the King’s 89th birthday: I miss Jack. I miss the guy the same way you miss that favorite uncle you always enjoyed being around. But I also miss just having a Jack Kirby in our midst…a man who just radiated creative energy and who made everyone he met […]

PAX and Penny Arcade rule

This weekend’s big video game/webcomic event was a convention thrown by a couple of webcomickers, PAX namelyPenny Arcade gang, Tycho and Gabe. Both Kotaku and Joystiq, the main vidgame blogs have extensive coverage. The big news is a new video game from Hothead Games based on PENNY ARCADE (pr in the jump.) Since PENNY ARCADE […]

Lost Girls cost $300K

Kevin at Blog@Newsarama has an interesting factoid from Chris Mautner’s article on LOST GIRLS: But the article also looks at Top Shelf’s financial wager on Lost Girls, something I’ve not seen much of in mainstream media coverage. According to the Patriot-News, the first two printings of the $264-page book cost the publisher “in the realm […]

More on Shonen Jump’s yaoi trend

Simon at Icarus Publishing boils down that article on the evolving editorial slant of Shonen Jump that ComiPress linked to last week, and boils it down into something a bit more comprehensible–and illuminating: 1. Shonen Jump is marketed to boys, but it has a silent, but significant, number of female readers. Significant enough, at least, […]

Iranian editor acquitted in cartoon cockroach flap

Justice turns swiftly in Iran, it seems, as the managing editor of the Iranian newspaper that in May ran a cartoon insulting to the Azeri ethnic minority, has been acquitted: The state-owned newspaper “Iranâ€? was suspended on May 23 after publishing a cartoon that offended Azeris and led to several days of unrest in the […]

Comics in the news

If you are wondering why we’re taking a break from link-blogging, the follow of three headlines say it all in spades and with a bag of chips: Graphic Novels Take a Huge Step Forward Graphic novels the hot new library item And, finally, the headline that we have been waiting to read for nigh on […]

Kavalier and Clay movie on hold

Cinematical tracks down the latest on the proposed CAVALIER AND KLAY movie after author Michael Chabon posted some rather discouraging sounding things on his blog. I was unable to find any further info in culling the usual sites for Chabon updates, so I went straight to the source — or the next best thing — […]

LIterary corner: Brontë; Austen

Speaking of Wuthering Heights, which is one of our favorite books, we forgot to mention that Dame Darcy is doing an illustrated version of Jane Eyre. Everything’s coming up! Meanwhile, Tintin Pantoja posted a picture of Mr. Darcy from Pride and Prejudice at her LJ. Okay we reallt screwed this up, but that’s what happens […]