300 — lookin’ good!

A sneak peek at a rough cut of 300, Zack Snyder’s new film based on Frank Miller’s graphic novel, was held the other night, and everyone signed a non disclosure then went out and posted on the internet. The one’s we’ve seen have been overwhelmingly positive. Here’s one such post from Millarworld: When I first […]


We’ve received information that indicates that THE COVENANT, the upcoming horror film, is not so much based on THE COVENANT, last year’s graphic novel, as they were developed concurrently. A story from last summer in CBR sums it up: The Sony Screen Gems film, produced in association with Sandstorm Films, has already been green lit […]


Just for the record, we received a little note from Dave Gibbons saying that as far as his recollection goes, only the LAST issue of Watchmen shipped late and it still hit the schedule they had given DC Comics. Before that, it shipped monthly. We’re going with Dave on this one, so watch out how […]