WW Chi: Loeb Auction huge success

Just to end this on an up note, Newsarama has a really nice story about an auction to benefit a scholarship founded in honor of Sam Loeb, the late son of Jeph Loeb. “I was thinking maybe $25,000,â€? Jeph Loeb said on Sunday when asked by Newsarama about how much he figured the Sam Loeb […]

WW Chi: mopping up the sweat

As we’ve noted here before, the second floor lobby of the Hyatt Rosemont O’Hare is made of poured concrete. It is impervious to damage. That thing is like Isengard. MAYBE Ron Garney with a sladehammer could chip a tile or two, but you can’t set it on fire or tear it up by normal means. […]

HUTCH OWEN in the Metro

Tom Hart writes to inform us that HUTCH OWEN, his razor sharp satire of consumer culture and activist rage, will start running in the NYC and Boston METRO starting next Monday, August 14. (Yes, it will replace ROCKY, which is sad.) HUTCH will run for a one month trial, and continue if the response is […]

Fight! Simone vs Bendis!

NO not really. THERE IS NO REAL FIGHT. Just some posting on an internet message board. A few people sent us the links to the whole kerfluffle, but to be honest, Graeme already did it and just what we would have done. But we’re going to go through it again. Basically, on the CBR forums, […]

Time on MARVEL Business

Time’s online business section was COMICS CRAZY not only with that manga piece, but this one on Marvel, which rounds up much of the speculation surrounding the company: Yet Marvel’s future remains a cliff-hanger. “It’s definitely one of the more–if not the most–difficult companies out there to forecast,” says Bear Stearns analyst Glen Reid. In […]

Time on MANGA Business

Time looks at MANGA in a story that is obviously taken from the BUSINESS section: While comics feature 50-year-old superheroes who appeal to boys, manga in the U.S. is often created by women for women of all ages. “Every major publishing house has either got their whole foot or their big toe in this pool […]

Two from Seattle: Forney and Fantagraphics

The Seattle Post-Intelligencer looks at the locasl ‘tooner scene with a description of how Ellen Forney lets her freak flag fly, and looks at her excellent new tome I LOVE LED ZEPPELIN: Certainly, Forney is no less interesting than the characters she draws. She’s not only a comic artist with a muscle car and hard-rock […]

INTERVIEW: Brian Hibbs on all sorts of stuff

Independent Propaganda also has an interview with the ever candid Brian Hibbs. We don’t always agree with Brian, but we always respect where he’s coming from. Some interesting pull quotes. Q: How can self-publishers and mini-comic creators best help you out in selling their books? A: Best thing you can do is show me a […]

INTERVIEW: Chris Staros on submissions

We caught up on some of Independent Propaganda’s interview, including this one with Top Shelf’s Chris Staros which gives a sobering veiw of “breaking in” even at a small publisher. : So we get a lot of blind submissions to our P.O. Box every year. As small a company as TopShelf is, because of our […]