We’re late posting today because we got a new toy yesterday, and we spent all night trying to figure out how to make it work on a Mac. More on that in a bit.

Someone sent us an item wondering if “PW wants you to post this type of stuff”–for the record, PW wants me to do what I’ve been doing right along. They have been 101% supportive of The Beat, and the only substantial changes from the first version of this blog are the ones that will be made because of the increased resources at my disposal…like that toy I mentioned in the first paragraph.

A comment brings up my relationship to the NYCC. Since this has been a matter of some controversy, from here on out I’ll be sure to run disclaimers. At the moment, I’m not working for the con. I do talk to the organizers fairly regularly, however. As for being on the payroll, one should note that the San Diego Comic-Con is one of the sponsors of this site, and truth be told, I probably made more money from them last year than I did NYCC. So, as usual I’ll be applying my own standards of conflict of interest and full disclosure along the way.

But for the record, my attitude towards NYCC is thus: It’s a big important show, and I will be running press releases about the show in a timely, informative manner, as I would for other big shows. No apologies there.

And as for other matters regarding this blog, you are always free to ream me in the comments, but remember, if you’re particularly dopey, I might just ream you right back. Wiki in action!

We’ve been at the new site for a little over a month, and traffic is up significantly, and we’re straining our bandwidth. It’s all good, and there is much more to come.


  1. Newbies. That’s all I have to say about people questioning your impartiality, or whatever.

    Glad to hear that A) PW isn’t messing with the Beat (except in a good way), and 2) that traffic is up a lot.

    What new toy did you get? I just bought my first Mac (because I’m now getting a graphic design degree!). I can see why there are Mac-addicts out there.

  2. I think it’s wonderful that you’re willing to run a disclaimer and disclosure about your affiliations with groups that might affect your ability to write completely impartial articles. If anything, it makes me trust what you say even more.

    Now if only the world and local newspeople were so responsible . . .

  3. 100% is it. There is no such thing as 101% of anything unquantifiable like “support.”

    I still love ya anyway, Heidi. ;)

    -Officer Dagwan
    100th precinct,
    percentages division