Link: Proposed J-Pop style book

Pata at Irresponsible Picture begs for guidance, and we heartily concur: And so I ask: Where is my JP Stylebook? Writing on Japanese entertainment in English is, to be nice about it, a linguistic minefield. We’re talking about a culture that uses the English language for ornamental purposes, and then trying to communicate its niceties […]

HELLBOY 2 at Uni

But there is a sadder, darker side to the Hollywood/comics relationship. You see, sometimes you can make a very successful indie superhero movie that everyone enjoys greatly despite its flaws, and have your studio go out of business, leaving everyone bravely saying, “Someone will put it out!” In the case of HELLBOY 2 there’s a […]

Leading Man comic book to be turned into movie

As if on cue, Universal announces an option on THE LEADING MAN, by B. Clay Moore and Jeremy Haun, and published by Oni Press. Marc Platt will produce through his Marc Platt Productions along with Eric Gitter via his Closed on Mondays Entertainment, which has a partnership with Oni Press. Written by B. Clay Moore […]

Graphic novels serving as inspiration for movies

Have you heard???Graphic novels serving as inspiration for movies? It’s true! Graphic novels serve as rich source material for film producers looking for ready-to-visualize stories, and they’re viewed as product extensions of comic book publishers, video game makers and television series. [snip]Where comic book publishers once feared the dwindling numbers of their core audience, young […]

Marvel’s Young Guns Next Wave

Marvel will announce a new class of “Young Guns” at Saturday’s Cup ‘o Joe panel. You’ll recall this programme began in 2004 with the announcement of six artists — Steve McNiven, Adi Granov, David Finch, Trevor Hairsine, Jim Cheung, and Olivier Coipel — who were destined for greatness — a.k.a high pressure assignments. It did […]

WWC: Chicago Live Art Jam Party, Saturday

Jim Mahfood and his crazy pals are putting on another party Saturday during WizWorldChi. If you are sick of Knuckles, you should definitely GO. It’s in the city! * CHICAGO LIVE ART JAM!!! * Wizard World After Party, Fool! On the Paint: Food One Jose Garibaldi Dave Crosland Mike Huddleston Mike Bianco On the Tunes: […]

WWC: Actionopolis

PR that we’re too tired to write a funny intro to: The Actionopolis world tour continues! Next stop: Wizard World Chicago! Comic-Con International in San Diego saw over a dozen Actionopolis authors and illustrators and even a panel discussion spotlighting the new line. Those Actionistas who weren’t at that show were busy preparing for Wizard […]