San Diego Registration update

Sporadic and anecdotal reports thus far are that registration is moving smoothly. More as it develops.

HarperCollins and Fox Atomic launch Graphic Novel line; Palmiotti edits

More pacting, more branding, MORE GRAPHIC NOVELS! Fox Atomic, the youth focused entertainment unit of Fox Filmed Entertainment, announced today a partnership with leading publisher HarperCollins to publish and distribute branded graphic novels from Fox Atomic Comics. Up to four graphic novels are planned for release in 2007, with content tied to Fox Atomic theatrical […]

Flickr: The SDCC 2006: San Diego Comic Con International Pool

Kelly Sue started it. Flickr: The SDCC 2006: San Diego Comic Con International Pool. Post your own!

Frank Miller to write, direct THE SPIRIT

While a big announcement on the identity of the director for the long-planned SPIRIT movie had been teased for San Diego, The Hollywood Reporter has let the cat out of the bag: It’s Frank Miller: More than four decades after Will Eisner created him, “The Spirit” — one of the most influential comics of all […]

San Diego suspicious of nerd spending

This local San Diego site requires you to pay $100 to read their online content. Foo that, but from the looks of the free lede, the city is only grudgingingly beginning to accept the Comic-con’s economic impact: Comic-Con gives city ‘enormous economic shot in the arm’Event expected to bring in major tax revenue

San Diego isn’t about movies! It’s about TV!

Variety previews SDCC with a boffo headline: H’w’d courts nerd herdNets hope to capture fan fervor at confab However, the story goes on to point out for that this year’s show, studios are stressing their TV offerings: All the major networks have significant plans for the confab, along with cable stalwarts like Sci Fi Channel, […]

SDCC: ASFA (#4800, 4701-03)

Allen Spiegel Fine Arts is the booth where you find some of the most amazing artists at the comvention, this year including Thom Ang, August Hall, Dave McKean, Scott Morse, Jon J Muth, Bonnie To Yee de Muth, Greg Ruth and Kent Williams. They’ll have three new books, including the group sketchbook 108 DRAWINGS. Contributors […]

Rothwell and Magliore ankle Marvel; stock slides

On Monday, Marvel announced the exit of two key execs, sending stock tumbling 3%. According to ICv2: Marvel Entertainment has announced the departure of two key members of its licensing team, Tim Rothwell, President of Worldwide Consumer Products, and Bruno Maglione, President of Marvel International. Although not nearly on the order of magnitude as the […]

SDCC: Random Stuff

Looks, here’s all the stuff we just didn’t have time to write up in its own items. It’s a big sloppy mess: A woman is auctioning off ad space on her…forehead. How horrid. Atomic Comics is tooling around San Diego with a van full of cartoonists. Alex Ross! Scott Morse Jen Wang

SDCC The Beguiling sells ART! (#1529)

If you’re hoping to nab that elusive Chester Brown page, check out the Beguiling’s booth, which is selling original art by many indie superstars: Looking for original art at Comic-Con in San Diego? The Beguiling Books & Art, Canada’s finest comics and graphic novel retailer will be attending the San Diego Comic Con this week, […]

Meanwhile, back in the real world…

Cartoonist Mazen Kerbaj blogs from Beirut.

Where is Gandalf? I much desire to speak to him.

We’re in sic transit gloria mundi to Comic-con as you read this. Hopefully we’ll be back before the cock’s crow tomorrow with pictures and all that. Speaking of all that, if all goes well we will be video-blogging from the show, courtesy of DivX and their tech crews. The find folks at DivX are big […]