Butler, Campbell converge on Saturday SDCC; Beat reeling

Saturday all hell breaks loose! Mark Waid! The Wayans Brothers! Oni! Damon Lindelof! GERARD BUTLER! Bob Burden! Kazuo Koike! Mary Fleener! Ray Bradbury, Ray Harryhausen, and Forry Ackerman together! Roger Langridge! Yoshihiro Tatsumi! Jon Favreau! Lee Marrs! Everett Peck! Bruce Campbell! Kevin Huizenga! Veronica Mars! Nicolas Cage! Jackson Publick! Yoshitaka Amano! Yieeee! DEAR DEAR GERARD […]

Reitman on Super Sex

MY SUPER EX-GIRLFRIEND director Ivan Reitman sounds off on how superhumans might be able to mate with normal humans: What goes on in the bedroom between a normal guy and a superwoman in My Super Ex “was actually a tricky problem for us,” says director Ivan Reitman. “As a kid when I read comic books, […]