More Heroes Con memories

Newsarama has a nice wrap-up report Friday’s line was mirrored Saturday and Sunday as the show saw its highest attendance in over a decade. Anecdotally, the only day that had an even semi-solid estimate in terms of numbers was roughly 5,000 people through the door on Friday. Many observers speaking with Newsarama expressed the feeling […]

AX ’06 new license round-up has a complete list of new license announcements and we’re shamelessly stealing it for your reading pleasure: Viz Media – “Gentleman’s Alliance” by Tanemura Arina – “Punch!” – “Be With You (novel)” Tokyopop – “Wild Adapter” by Kazuya Minekura – “Gakuen Heaven” by You Higuri – “Soul Rescue” by Kanno Aya – “Kilala Princessâ€? […]