Warren & Heidi
Newsarama has a nice wrap-up report

Friday’s line was mirrored Saturday and Sunday as the show saw its highest attendance in over a decade. Anecdotally, the only day that had an even semi-solid estimate in terms of numbers was roughly 5,000 people through the door on Friday. Many observers speaking with Newsarama expressed the feeling that Saturday was easily two times Friday in terms of attendance, and Sunday, the normally slow day, was another Friday.

Leigh Walton has a really swell Flickr set.

Wizard, believe it or not, has the most comprehensive coverage of the show, with reports on almost every panel of note, even the late night Warren Ellis talk:

When asked about what stories he was most passionate about, Ellis replied that there are many hidden stories in Transmetropolitan that are true and mean a lot to him. Ellis also stated that Scars is the only book he’s written that has disturbed him from start to finish and feels that only readers with children can really appreciate how disturbing it is.

A fan asked Ellis what he’s thinking as he sits down to write Nextwave “You’ve read the book,â€? said Ellis. “Quite clearly I’m not thinking about anything. I’m just spouting utter f***ing gibberish onto the page. Nextwave is an absolute dissolution of the superhero genre. There’s nothing of worth in it whatsoever. It is explosions. It is people getting kinked. It is people getting kinked and then exploding.â€? To thunderous applause, Ellis then added, “I will fight anyone who says otherwise and afterwards, they will explode.â€?

Spurge has an exhaustive link collection.

Jigsaw Jones has some kind of nutty puppet show video.

Somehow, however, this seems to sum up the spirit of Heroes Con, where mothers feed starving artists from their hampers of abundance:

Louis Small — My mom gave him a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and they became very good friends. He is another artist, although I can’t say that I’ve ever read anything of his. He was a cool guy tho.

[Photo above nicked and tweaked from Leigh Walton.]


  1. Thanks for the hits, Heidi!

    BTW, I am quite sure Warren said “kicked,” not “kinked.” Probably Wizard’s error, but it rather drains the joke of its effect…