Anime Expo this weekend

It’s the biggest anime/manga fest of the year, highlighted by the epochal appearance of CLAMP! Pata has an entertaining run down of panels 1:00-2:00 pm CLAMP Panel Seating. Yes, the pre-event seating counts as something major, because I would like to see this just for the catfighting that will inevitably ensue. A cosplay Kamui will […]

ALA in perspective

Robin Brenner, Creator & Editor in Chief of, wrote to give us some much needed background on the graphic novel panel at the recent ALA show which Neil Gaiman reported on and we quoted: First, just to say, we were all thrilled that Neil Gaiman took the time to attend our panel. Both the […]

Hollywood sure is swell!

The New York Times looks at the “Slick. Young. Hip. Powerful.” world of studio execs, a lizardlike world where face and ritual rule and knowledge is powerless and truth is a rumor. This generation of players may be slick, hip and powerful, but they still like their comic books, as we witness the primal scene: […]