Now how ON EARTH are they going to do this? Maybe Ahmed Best can play Ringo.

We can kinda see Heinz Edelmann‘s classic designs being”fleshed out” to 3D…their blobbiness is very similar to what most CGI characters look like.

According to the piece, the remake — planned for a 2012 release, just in time for the Summer Olympics in London — can be spun off into a musical and a Cirque du Soleil-type stage show.

We recommend getting Julie Taymor, Bono and the Edge to do the adaptation.


  1. That would be rad! Only citizen kane should be a bad ass transforming robot! He can turn into a sled while dogs hump in the back ground!

  2. The Beatles themselves weren’t actually in Yellow Submarine, except for a short live-action bit at the very end.

    Nonetheless, this is a terrible idea.

  3. Every remake is remake remake remake.

    I remember years ago people joking, at least I hope it was a joke, that the studios would remake Casablanca with Ben Affleck and JLo just because they could. To me, this is a waste. Why not make a new Beatles inspired feature toon? While I liked Beowulf, I’m not sure about this path Zemekis is taking.