Gerard Butler 04.Jpg.W300H413We know you are all sick of Gerard Butler, and thought that once 300 opens we’ll toss him aside like a used Dixie cup, but not only does he have a starring role in the manga-adaptation PRIEST coming up, but now he may just have a role inTHE WATCHMEN:

IESB caught up with director Zack Snyder at WonderCon in San Francisco this weekend where he was promoting his new film 300 when they asked him for some casting news for his upcoming big-screen adaptation of DC Comics’ Watchmen. Snyder confirmed that actor Gerard Butler, who stars as King Leonidas in 300, will have a role in Watchmen, although the director didn’t disclose exactly what role Butler would be taking.

We say The Comedian! And we pledge to continue our in-depth Gerry Butler coverage here at Stately Beat Manor as long the story takes. And that’s a PROMISE.


  1. Never fear that we will be tired of hearing about and seeing Gerry Butler!!
    There’s just too much good about him and his work.
    And his eyes, too!

  2. eeeehhhh, I think Ron Perlman was born to play the Comedian. Not unlike Dabny Coleman was born to play J. Jonah Jameson. Gerald Butler could have any other role, but please lets not make the same oversight, nay, mistake again.

  3. Well, he could play Dr. Manhattan, but then Heidi’s brain would explode at the possibility of a naked Gerard Butler running around for two hours…

  4. Is there a character that dies in the movie because that will keep up with Gerard’s majority of his movie characters that end or play someone who is dead.

  5. Gerry Butler is long overdue his recognition in the industry. He is one talented guy who I hope we see for many years to come.

  6. If ya need to throw him out…let me know and I’ll send ya my address so you can throw him my way.

    He is one of THE sexiest men I’ve ever seen! Such a yummy little treat.

  7. There’s no way Gerry Butler will ever be forgotten, at least not to me. He’s going to go far with all his talent, looks, and success. He’s the perfect part for any role, he makes anything look great & sexy!!!!!!! His humor is also a huge part of his real character, it brings the true Gerry out and it lightens up everyones face (mainly the women). He could fix any bad day just by smiling, it works for me. Think about it, what would we do without our GORGEOUS Gerry? I know, we would curl up and cry, I just might curl up, cry then go jump in a grave and die. No worries Gerry, you’ll always be he in my/our hearts.

  8. SORRY, my spelling sucks!!!!! That last sentence was supossed to say ” No worries Gerry, you’ll always be here in my/our hearts. OK, all is good now. Hey Gerry, check out this web site & I would love it you put a comment up about my comments. Well, your still the BEST GERRY & your never going to be anything less than that!!!!!!, you’ll only get better.

  9. I do not care what Gerard Butler is in, as long as he is in it!! He is so my dream guy!! That Face, That Body! That voice! He definetly is the fantasy guy of millions!!

  10. OMG! Gerard is such a handsome devil! totally sexy and his eyes are sooooo gorgeous! he’s such a fabulous actor too!